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Friday, January 18, 2008

The homework has begun!

I selected the kindergarden with the least homework. Lol! No, I'm just kidding. Other factors influenced my choice, location being one of them. Fortunately, there are many kindergardens in my housing area. About 4-5 of them, all quite close by.

However homework did influence my choice. When I visited one famous one and the principal proudly proclaimed that they have a lot of homework and how their syllabus was equivallent to what was being taught at Standard One in school so that the kids who come from their kindy are always ahead in school, I ticked it off my list.

So now my girl attends a less famous kindergarden with more play and less homework. Even then, the homework has begun. And so has the excuses. "Mummy, I'm tired.", "My hand is sweating/painful." etc. However she does have to finish her homework and I have to instil a good habit in her to finish it early and not procrastinate so I have to be firm and stern with her. (Meaning scold until she cries or she will never get it done. Yes, I'm a bad mommy). A young child is easily distracted and she is often chatting with her brother and singing to herself as she does her work. *rolls eyes* It takes up quite a fair bit of my time to supervise her.

However, I believe that Good habits start from young and my duty as a mother is to help instil them. And so I make her do her homework without delay, no procrastination, no excuses and after that she is free to play and if there is time, I can read to her etc or do any fun things she likes. After a few days, she is beginning to understand that the faster she does her homework, the more time she has to do fun things. And hopefully, I will need to supervise her less and less as time goes by. :)


  1. at least u are a SAHM and can supervise her work. I only have a little time to supervise my kids during weekdays when they are gg to primary school. :(

    and I agree, good habits start young!

  2. Yea, way to go mummy. Teach her hard work first, fun with mummy after all the jomework! My girl is four this year but I am not sending her to kindie yet, lazy mummy I am. Want to play with her only and don't want to do homeowrk with her yet! :)

  3. ling,
    Yeah, it must be really tough for you working mums.

    contented mum,
    My 4 year old boy is also still home with me. :)

  4. wow... it's good u teach them good habits from young... nowadays kids r hard 2 teach hor hehe ;p

  5. Same situation here with Alycia.... and she's really good with her excuses. I will ensure that she completes her homework everyday... no bargain whatsoever. But I do reward her by allowing her to watch TV, and this motivates her to do her homework. Oh yes, I do scold her too, very sternly too when her attention drifts. I dont think we are bad mummies, just disciplined mummies!

  6. the pressure is out there on us parents ad we pass it on to the kids.. i voted for u :)

  7. I dread the day .. i have to do it. I know my brat too well... !

  8. like you, i also believe little children shoud enjoy school during young and not scare them. Anyway, they would be able to catch up on Std, writing ABC all over again!

  9. daniel,
    Hard to teach or we spoil them more? Hehe.

    health freak mummy,
    But I sure feel bad to scold her until she cries but no choice if want to instil some discipline.

    Yes, the pressure begins with the parents who pass it on to the kids. Hmm... BTW, thanks for the vote. :)

    mama bok,
    Haha. Good luck for the day.

    mummy to qiqi,
    Ya lor, one of the teachers told me that if want the child to learn Mandarin must see her affinity for it and also must not scare her away because once scare away, they develop a dislike and barrier towards learning which will be very hard to overcome.

  10. eee i hate those kindy that gives tonnes of homework and worst got EXAM! U have the patience la...if me i think i will vomit blood with Jayden edi.


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