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Friday, January 04, 2008

Second Day of Kindy

Second day was a bit more orderly with most registrations and payments out of the way. When the bell rang signalling the start of school some of the younger kids who had been playing happily began to cry VERY VERY LOUDLY and COULD NOT BE PACIFIED! Two of them cried till they vomitted. Oh Dear. There were a few stressed looking parents around.

My girl looked slightly lost because she was new but she was ok. No tears, just a look of anticipation and sometimes not sure what to do next. She did not even have to look at me for reassurance as she followed her classmates and teacher along. My little girl is growing up right before my very eyes! She used to be such a shy little one but she's ok now.

My boy was there too (because I couldn't possibly leave him home alone.) He was older than lots of the kids there. The principal asked why I was not sending him yet since he is going to be 4 this year. I said it was not necessary. (BTW, the classes for the 3 and 4 year olds outnumber the older kids classes. Imagine that. Its proof that lots of parents are sending their kids younger and younger to kindy). Another grandmother asked me how old he was and why I was not sending him yet. "He is old enough already" she said. "My grandchild is 3."

I stick firmly to my believe that it is not time yet. When it is time, he will be good and ready like my girl.

Verdict from my girl:

MG: So, how's second day of kindergarden?

My Girl: A little bit nicer.


  1. all parent understand their children the most. enrol ur son when u think he is ready :)

  2. i also get these remarks a lot and my girl is not even 3 yet :( Do some parents think that by sending the children earlier to the kindy, the kids are a lot smarter?

  3. Heheh!! what a matter of factly way of answering.. ;) she is growing up.. ;) sensible and smart too. ;)

  4. you can get some good advice and much more on these issues at www.mumcentre.com.my

  5. she's very steady huh...great work MG

  6. wah i like her style...Steady

  7. ling,
    I think the 2nd one are usually ready a little bit earlier, having been exposed and wants to do as their elder bro or sis. Hehe.

    mommy to chumsy,
    Sometimes they have no choice if both parents are working. There is nothing really nothing wrong or bad with that but there is also nothing really wrong or bad for choosing to send later as a lot of paper seem to suggest or think. I don't think that sending early is bad but I do think that sending early is unnecessary if there is someone to look after the kids at home.

    Haha. She always answers "A little bit" to anything that she likes "A LOT!" Lol!

    You won't know it now but she used to be extremely shy and 1/2 a year ago when I considered sending her then, the teacher commented that she lacked confidence.

    Your Jayden oso sure steady one.


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