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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Her First Day at Kindergarden

Today is my girl's first day at Kindergarden. She proudly wore her new uniform and carried her backpack which was given by the kindy. I tied her hair up neatly and then........ "Smile! Say Cheese!" *Flash Flash. Snap Snap.* Lol!

The kindergarden was a bit chaotic when we got there. Lots of parents and little kids running around. Some were still making payment and collecting school uniforms. There were some insurance papers to sign and right after I did that they told me we could go. My girl was rather surprised and so was I. Haha. We were there less than an hour.

Before leaving, I took my girl for a walk around the kindy and looked at her classroom, the toilet, kitchen etc. I saw another mother with her son looking around the same classroom. After finding out that her son was also the same age, I told my girl "Look, this is going to be your new classmate." Both mother and child ignored me. Hmm.. hopefully my girl will be better at making new friends than me. Haha.

The teachers said tomorrow is orientation day, whatever that means.

The verdict:

MG: "Did you like your first day at kindy?"

My Girl: "A little bit." (said with a shy smile).


  1. hhmm..some parents are real stuck up.. they should just smile and nod to you ..why ignore??

  2. Ahh..! a big gal now.. ;) i am so not looking forward to leaving my brat at school.

  3. I am sure she will have fun in school soon, just like my elder girl now.

    same as u, i don't know can kaotim my 3yo girl mah! Haiz...

  4. i remember my son's first day, it was the longest day of my life. Dun woli she will be fine, some people veri pahpai nia so just ignore them. good Luck to your little girl, tell her auntie firehorse proud of her, next time i kam bek will get her nice pencil case if she wan.

  5. montessorimum,
    Nvm ler. Who cares. Hahaha.

    mama bok,
    I still have another at home even after leaving this one in school. Haha.

    Yes, she is happy.... so far....

    kopi soh,
    Wah... why longest day? Mine was very short wor. It was over before we knew it surprising us. Hahaha.


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