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Monday, January 21, 2008

My Balloon Sculpturing Kit

Suzette asked me to post up pictures of the balloon sculpturing kit I used to make the balloon sculptures I posted recently, so here it is.

This is the balloon kit which I bought for RM19.90 at MPH. It comes in a can/box and includes a 48 page activity book plus 32 balloons and a balloon pump. (I think I took the last can). So if you are interested in it but can't find it anymore, don't despair. Go to the last paragraph of this post to get some tips on how to make your own balloon sculptures.

Here's whats inside the can, a "Create balloon animals" book plus the balloons and a pump. The balloons are the long thin type.

And heres and example or a page from the balloon activity book. As you can see, the pump is a cheap plastic pump.

Tips on how to make your own balloon scultures: (Or rather tips on where to find the materials and instructions you need to make your own balloon sculptures). You can find this type of pump and the balloons in most bakery or cake shops in the corner where they sell balloons, party hats and kits. I'm not sure of the cost but it should be a lot cheaper than the balloon kit. You can easily find instructions to make easy balloon sculptures from the internet on webpages or on YouTube. Happy Creating!

Pssst. The images are a bit blur. Looks like I know how to make balloon sculptures but I either have to upgrade my camera or improve on my photo taking skills. Lol!

Note: This is an original post by MG of Parenting Times. If you are reading this post anywhere else, it has been copied.


  1. wow...thanks for sharing this. Now i know where all the clowns learn this trick...hehehhee. Must get it for the man so that he can sculpt for the princess :D

  2. ever thot of a career in balloon sculpting? i also tried making the balloons to the children in my class. though the balloons didn't turn out that well, i received a very loud applause.

  3. Thank you very much for sharing. :) On the point of getting this from bakeries - any bakeries? I've never noticed this in the cake shops! :P

  4. Thanks for your sharing. Must get one for my daughter. She always imitate the clown work whenever she were given a ballon.

  5. mummy to qiqi,
    Yes, I guess its good value to learn a skill, any skill. Hehe.

    mommy to chumsy,
    You learn and surprise the man loh. Hehe.

    Thats great. The children just love this don't they?

    I'm not sure about this but I did notice it being sold at a couple of cake shops near my house and even at sundry shops. You'll find it at places where they sell party packs and such. Maybe the section at toysarus where they sell party packs will have it.

    Happy Sculpting!

  6. I saw a stall selling it at The Curve, just outside of Starbucks. Not in nice packaging like yours, just plastic bag, inside with a pump and 30 aloons. No such nice instruction booklet. It costs RM21!! I guess you got a good deal after all. :)
    Anyway, DH agianst me buying it, he has a point too - why buy since we can get it free from the clowns. :P We are so cheapskate. LOL!

  7. Hi:

    May I know which MPH did you get the kits from. I went to MPH at midvalley but couldn't get it.


  8. Hi Jac,
    I'm afraid that I took the last one available at MPH Mid Valley. :P But I did see similar sets at Borders over at The Gardens, Mid Valley. Sorry, I can't remember the price though.

  9. Thank you for your sharing. Have a nice weekend.


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