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Friday, April 25, 2008

Encouraging Creativity in Children

When I attended a kindergarden open day at the end of last year, the kids were given activities to do. As I've mentioned the kids were quite young and some of them couldn't color very well yet. I saw one mum finishing off her kid's activity. She ended up coloring his artwork for him.

I smile because she looks a lot like me. Quite often, I would finish off my kids' work for them because I think they are not doing it the way it should be done or I think it looks ugly. I should really learn to relax and let them do it in their own way (even if it looks ugly). They will take more pride in their own work that way.

Apart from getting impatient and finishing off their work from them, I should also learn to refrain from hovering over them and giving them too many suggestions. That way they will become more creative and as I learned, sometimes they have reasons of their own for doing things in a certain way.

My girl had chosen to color the piglet character (from Winnie and Pooh), The piglet was all pink but she had colored in orange for its clothes. The teacher asked why she didn't color the clothes pink but she didn't say anything. When I asked her why later, she said she noticed that the clothes were pink but there was no pink available, so she tried the peach but it was too light and the color didn't come out because the teacher had asked them to press really hard to make sure the color appeared and that is why she took orange. Haha. So she had her reasons and who said pigs or piglet has to be orange?


  1. sometimes its good to let them express themselves, see what they think. They like to think out of a box, probably we adults can learn from them also instead of sticking to the rules.

  2. Our lecturer told us her experience,

    She had a special child in her school. This child is an expat which they didn't know his relative is a professor in education in one of angmoh country (i cannot remember which country), so this professor was at the school visiting her special child relative. During school open day, the school happily display the children's work and the professor was there and later this professor approach the principal and questioned her about not following the Montessori principles even though it's a Montessori school. She said that the work display especially of her relative is not truly the work of the child. Eventhough the work is nice, but it's not the original work and it defeat the purpose for the child to explore freely.

    I've learned a lesson there that a child's work might not conform to our view of perfection, but it's their work, their thoughts and their creativity , we just have to think and look out of the box.

  3. For me too, I will let my kids to do most of the work... of coz will still assist them a bit here & there... I just hope my assistance won't refrain my girls from pouring out their creativity!

  4. sasha,
    Definitely we have a lot to learn from the little ones.

    "I've learned a lesson there that a child's work might not conform to our view of perfection, but it's their work, their thoughts and their creativity , we just have to think and look out of the box."

    This is so true!

    At least you let them do most of the work. Haha.

  5. i think it's great to let them decide the colour they want....to see what perspective they look into and why they coloured it that way.


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