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Friday, April 18, 2008

Name Calling in School

"You are stupid".

My daughter told me that someone called her stupid in preschool yesterday. "Did you feel sad?" I asked her. "A little bit" she replied.

"Well, next time someone calls you stupid, don't be sad because you know you are not stupid. You are a clever girl. People who call others stupid are being rude, so don't call others stupid as well ok?"

Today, she came home and reported "Mummy, I told the girl who called me stupid that its rude to call people stupid. I told her my mummy taught me!"

Lol! Well, at least the she got the message. I like to chat with my girl about her day at school because it gives me an avenue or opportunity to teach her how to handle situations which she might not have encountered before like name calling for example. Hopefully, she will continue to open up to me the way she is now throughout the years.


  1. if other kids sure reply "U stupid too!" luckily u told her the right way to reply

  2. Hhmm.. your girl's classmate is so rude. Perhaps she's one of those whose parents are too busy to teach. My children often say "Don't use the word stupid. It's a bad word" hehe.

  3. My son, Anirudh, was just about 2.5 yrs yougn when I told him saying words like "Idiot and stupid and Mad"(in our Hindi language though) are not good things to say. And now when me or Hubby say them, we get a good dose from him for using these words :D

    What your girl did was quite right and good that she shares it all with you.

  4. sasha,
    Either that or start to cry. Lol!

    I'm ashamed to say that sometimes I use it too when under uncontrollable rage. :P

    Haha. Now you have a little inspector in the house.

  5. hwy, thats a very good way of teaching ur child.. must learn from u.. good job!

  6. at least she got ur concept and conveyed the msg correctly :)

  7. Awesome way of teaching your daughter.. :) i got lots to learn.. ;) .. will write it on my blog. .my story.. :)

  8. wen,
    Must teach her to have good self esteem because I was lacking in that area. Hehe.

    I hope so.

    Can't wait to read about it.

  9. not sure how old is your girl, mine is 4 and just started pre-school this yr & when I asked her wat she learnt today, she always always tell me that she can't remember. y har?? Is she too young to tell me her life in school, or shld i wori that she's not paying attentionat all in school?
    Your gal is so smart to be able to describe things to you !

  10. kelly,
    Not to worry. I think if my 4 year old were to attend kindy and I asked him the same question, he'd give me the same answer as your 4 year old. My girl is 6.


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