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Friday, April 11, 2008

Help! I can't stop buying toys!

The boy and girl's birthday is coming and as before, we are faced with the dilemma of what to buy them for their birthdays. This is because we have been buying them toys all year round so when it comes to special occassions like birthdays we are at a loss to find something special for them.

Looks like I have not learned at all. Read my old post here: Too many Toys and you will know what I mean.

Looks like I'm not alone either. This mommy is also a shopaholic for toys. In her post she said...

"The thing was, the people who wanted the toys were us. We had a fantasy of what pleasure these toys would give. We had dreams of providing them with something wonderful. And how often is that true about the toys we give our kids? How often is that we want to give them, more than the children themselves really want the toys?"

How true. I have so much pleasure shopping for toys. Sigh! Its part of the joy of motherhood. Lol!


  1. its so nice to see them grinning while playing with the new toys. how to resist?

  2. sasha,
    Ya lor. The way their eyes brighten is too much to resist.

  3. actually not necessary to buy so much toys for them. It will pampers them. Hehe, I seldom buy toys for my girl

  4. irene,
    They are definitely not necessary but I still love to buy them. :P

  5. I also cannot resist from buying toys. Now house full of toys.

  6. true you know...most of the books and toys i got for Happy Dot, are those that i do not get to own them when i was his age or older!

    guess, these are to compensate my feeling of lost, than to accompany Happy Dot and make him happy!

    gosh...i feel so guilty now!

  7. Toys today are just too colorful with too many features. Very difficult to resist indeed. My children have lots of toys at home too but not many are bought by me.

  8. Forgot to tell you that I have a pink heart tag for you:


  9. I'm guilty too! Now my girl's room is so full of toys that I can't fit her bed in there!! :)

  10. elaine,
    Then we have to keep on picking the toys and ngam ngam cham cham. Hahaha. Siao.

    Wuah, thats nice, no need to spend money alos got lots of toys. Thanks for tagging me. Check it out when I can.

    Hopefully you can find your girl amidst the toys. Haha.

  11. mg: u r welcome to donate yr old toys to me..or sell them 2nd hand..heheheeh

    many toys ..good thing so that the kids wont get bored.


  12. littlelamb,
    I'll probably donate when they reach adulthood, so you've got to wait a looooong time. Hahaha.

  13. My weakness is books. I love to buy books for them :)

  14. me tooo...I need to stop ...har har..good thing can stop no cash to pay...


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