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Monday, April 07, 2008

Homemade Party Packs

Since my girl started kindy, she's been coming home with party packs almost every month.

"Mommy, look I have another party pack. Can I open it now?"

and she's almost convinced her little brother to go to school because of these party packs.

"Look baby, school is so much fun. I have a party pack. You don't have because you don't go to school."

My take on party packs is it is unnecessary and yet another thing that we kiasu parents have come up with that creates yet another form of peer pressure for our little ones. Most of the time the packs contain junk food (eg hard candy which I don't allow them to eat because of the risk of choking) So the junk food ends up in my belly rather than theirs (which explains the expanding flabby tummy).

Anyway, my girl's birthday is round the corner. Recently she came to me to show me an activity on How to make a homemade party pack and said....

"Mommy, I really want to make this and give to my friends."

She even suggested some other type of paper we have in our craft cupboard when she saw that we didn't have the one required by the book. I told her "We'll see" instead of "No" when I imagined how happy she would be making and giving out those party packs. Sigh! You see, I'm headed for kiasuville. "Would she feel left out if she didn't have any party packs to give out" I wonder. Kiasu. Kiasu. Kiasu.

Since, I'm headed that direction, I might as well turn it into an activity. And so, we shall make our own party packs (its for just this one year only after all). (Boy oh boy are these kids headed for another culture shock when they go to big school and find that the party packs and birthday parties have been replaced by cane wielding teachers.)

I plan to make it an activity where she shall prepare her own homemade party packs. Might as well make it a lesson too. I can teach her about the concept of multiplication and division. (Example: "If you have 40 sweets and 20 classmates. How many sweets should each of them get?") She may not be able to calculate this now but she will certainly remember the concept and the lesson much more easily than me trying to explain it to her. But most important of all, I can teach her about the joy of giving.

So, no store bought party packs for us. She'll make her own. Then perhaps I won't feel so guilty about giving out something which I don't believe in. :P

Parents, what would you prefer your kid to receive in a party pack?


  1. eh i have party pack for J's party also but i check check my kiasuism level , not that high la.. muahahhahahahah

    U can opt for other things besides candy and those junks la. Crayons, drawing pads, or something la. not necessary junk food ma, right?

  2. I dislike the party packs my girl brought home too, it's all JUNK food!! And I detest as why the teachers like to reward children with candies.

    Luckily my children's birthday all falls on school holiday..yoohoo..never need to celebrate it in school .

  3. sasha,
    Yalah, yalah, you not kiasu. I kiasu. Hahaha.

    Yes, I too dislike the fact that they are rewarded with sweets! Spoils our training at home. Stickers would be sufficient.

  4. hi mrs mg,

    almost every month my kids would bring home party packs.. and usually it is fill with junkies and hard candies...

    try giving out cupcakes for a change.. or hankies..

  5. tee,
    Cupcakes sounds like a nice change. I haven't received any of those before, only hard candies like you say.

  6. I donch like to get candies either.. but so common and easy.. so we take the easy way out .. *shame on us*.. muahahah!!

  7. i did once party pack for my son 2nd bday...no candies/junk food...i put all the party stuffs like hats, balloon etc.

  8. Belle comes home with party packs that have hard candies..and mind you, the oldest kids in the daycare are 3 yo. I really dunno what those parents were thinking when they prepared the party packs. Anyway, this is what I gave out for Belle's 2yo party: a party pack of strawberries and grapes (in ziplock bags and I made it look like a butterfly) and another party pack of few pieces of hersey's kisses and a pencil (the colorful ones).

  9. mamabok!

    The kids love party hats. :)

    Ok. Ok. I take back my words. When the party packs have been prepared with as much thought as you have, then its definitely not kiasu but thoughtful. Hehe.

  10. hey, u remind me i have to think of what to prepare for the party packs now. I think i can get some tips from all the comments here..

    Ever since i put my boys at the nursery, sometime they bring back party packs too, which contain candies,jelly and junk foods :(

  11. I remember during my son's first year in school...so many party packs- many junks food (which i will hide it) and many stationary stuffs too.

    I went through the same dilemma like you and we decided, okay, we will bring the cake only and no junk foods as party pack but each child (since there were four of them only), we gave a small jig saw puzzle.

    The next year, no birthday cake or party pack. Just home celebration.

    I like your idea of turning the whole activity into a learning activity. Hmmm maybe I shd do that too.

  12. i dont like party pack from school. its all junk food, even for Iris school for 3-4 yrs old students. my party pack doesnt not contain junk food at all or one 1 junk food. Iris' recent party pack contains all junk food. yer..i hate

  13. annie Q,
    Hard candies and junk food is the most common.

    I will hide the junk food too but it seems too wasteful to throw food away so they end up in my tummy.

    Even for 3-4 year olds huh?

  14. I am with all of you. The party packs I prepared contain a combination of food and non-food. Here goes: homemade mini coloring book, tissue paper, stationery (small items), marshmallow (small pieces), small pieces of chocolates, raisin (small packet).

    If there is no food, the children will not like it. So, I put in some food but not many.

  15. jon,
    Thanks for sharing your interesting party pack contents.

  16. Like you said, party party at kindy then go to Std. 1 and no more party. Hahahah. Poor kids.
    I like the cupcakes idea. Kids love stickers too. Anyway, I don't have to worry about this coz' I have no kids at kindy :)

    BTW, I have 3 copies of Deirdre Imus "Growing Up Green" book to giveaway. I am holding a contest to see who to give it away to. If you are interested to join, check out this post of mine:
    http://mamasbagoftricks.blogspot.com/2008/04/book-review-growing-up- green.html (Only open to Malaysians. Happy to entertain others if they are willing to pay the shipping fees).

  17. lian,
    Stickers and cupcakes sounds like a very nice combination. :)

  18. Hi... first time here.
    I love your blog.

    I hate party packs from school. My boy always bring home too and they contain junk food and sweets. Most of the time they end up in hubby and me tummy too.

    I like the ideas from other moms... Will try out and see if it works and change other parents perspective.

  19. Hi Mama Uaua&Momoi, Whoa! Thats a long name. Hehe. Welcome to my blog. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who detest those junk food and sweets in the party packs.

  20. Ian's birthday is around the corner too, and I am pressured on this as well. But luckily Ian doesn't really care so much about party packs at this stage yet, so I'm going to just play blind and just buy a cake to the school without sending any invitation. That's it!

    Actually I also hate others giving him the party packs. I don't allow him to eat junk food, but no thanks to the party packs, he started eating them!

    When he is good enough to show me first, I'd confiscate the hard candies and jelly, gave them all to my maid or neighbour.

    Remember, jelly also can cause choking, and that is one of the most difficult to save hazzard.

    As for waht I like in Ian's party packs, here are some that I quite like that you might want to include in yours.

    1. Crayon or colour pencils
    2. Stickers
    3. Face art
    4. Stationeries (sharperner, erasers)

    Well, basically things that are useful - can save my money to buy also. LOL! :p

  21. I remember our boys share the same birthdate and year. Both monkey boys. Hehe. Mine doesn't attend school yet so I can forgo the party packs. :P

  22. Ya, now you reminded me, our boys share the same birthdate. LOL!

  23. A Married Man wonders if its worth all the effort.

  24. a married man,
    When a married man becomes a father, he'll still wonder if its worth all the effort but he might do it anyway. Lol!

  25. hmm...be creative...what about some colouring pages for kids to do colouring? Can print from internet ;). And perhaps they should go with some colour pencils or crayons. Then add on some stickers. If all girls, I know lah..can do some simple bracelet jewelry and each one can wear hahaa


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