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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My "Baby" is Four!

My boy just turned 4. We had a hard time trying to find a toy for him because we had been over indulgent in buying toys. Finally we decided on a Lego Duplo set which we had not bought him before.

For his birthday, we didn't have any big celebrations as usual. We usually celebrate our birthdays privately, just the four of us and this year was no different. His daddy had taken time off from work just to be with him. The best gift of all is the gift of time.

His daddy kicked off the birthday celebration by waking the boy up with some birthday songs from YouTube. After sending his sister off to school, we let him play with his motorized motorbike on the porch (the one which we got him last year for his 3rd birthday). I swept the porch at the same time while daddy cleaned the water filter. So we managed to accompany him while getting some work done all at the same time. Haha.

Then we took him along to run some errands with us, pay some bills etc. Before we knew it, it was almost time to take his sister home from kindy. We quickly went to the cake shop to collect his cake, fetched his sister then it was off to McDonalds to pack some lunch for everyone. We watched Spiderman 3 together while munching on our McDs. Lol!

Then it was time to sing a birthday song, cut the cake and take lots of photos. And more of Spiderman 3 while munching on the cake. We were so engrossed with the show we almost forgot to ask him to open his present. But we need not have worried about forgetting it completely because he reminded us! Bad mommy and daddy.

Then it was off to Megakidz to play. Mommy and Daddy joined in the fun. We chased them around the bouncy air castle, slid down the slides with them, pretended to watch a movie with them in the little cinema and crawled around the tunnels with them. I almost got lost in the tunnels. Hehe. Of course no visit is complete without completing some craft and letting them take it home as a sourvenir. My now four year old "baby" had a good time squeezing the colourful glue onto his window craft while I tried to do damage control. ;)

After so much fun, we were hungry again. So we went to Padington's House of Pancakes and feasted on sinful fat fluffy sweet and savoury pancakes as well as thin flat ones wrapped around salads. Yummy!

The birthday boy fell asleep on the way home. When he woke up, it was more play as mommy and daddy tried to help him fix his Legos. He was singing and talking to himself as he played with it, a sign that he likes it very much.

Then it was time for bath and bed. My sweet little baby. I guess now that you're officially 4, I can't call you a "baby" anymore but you will always be our baby.

The little ones, they grow so fast. We always remind ourselves to spend as much time with them as we can so that we don't miss any of their growing up years.


  1. Hi, my daughter will be 6 later this year and I still call her 'baby' sometimes....i guess we mothers will always treat them as our darling babes even when they turn 21!

  2. can... 4 years old is still a baby!! :)

    it is so sweet of the daddy to take the day off too.. it must have really made his day, and your girl's, and yours of course! ;)

    Happy birthday "baby"!!

  3. They are always our babies..just like we are to our parents. :) Happy Birthday to your boy.

  4. a&a'smom12:05 PM, April 22, 2008

    HAPPY BDAY TO UR LITTLE 1! Hehehe, I still call my almost 8 yro 'baby' which he dislikes.

  5. Happy birthday..!! and yes. .. they grow too fast eh.. ;)

  6. anna,
    Yes, I still call my almost 6 girl "baby" too. Hehe.

    He still likes to be called "baby" :)

    Yes, and now our babies will always be our babies. :)

    Haha. I better call him as much as I can then before he starts to dislike it.

    mama bok,
    Much too fast!

  7. I'm not sure whether is my first time here! One thing for sure! You are amazing for writing so so many postsssss!!

  8. Do you mean a day or over the 4 years blogging? :P

  9. happy birthday baby Boy!

    Wuah u guys can crawl and follow him in megakids ah? *belakang sakit*

  10. I've not even realizedthat my 2 kidshad already teens until I found they don't like to be kissed by us in public. By the way I just found your blog 2 days ago. You did a terrific job! I'm impressed for what you've done. Do you mind if I send you an email for asking anything about blogging since I'm new in this field (since feb'08)but starting to addicted. Mine is "All About Kids" at www.hennyssite.blogspot.com. Please visit if you have time. Thank u!

  11. sasha,
    Yah. Imagine two over 40 year olds crawling around. Looks very silly. Hahaha.

    Hi and welcome to my blog. Sure you can email me and ask me anything you like about blogging. I'll be happy to help if I can. :)

  12. Happy Birthday to your boy, and I really can't imagine you in the tunnels at Megakidz. LOL! I dare not go in there, I was afraid that I might get stuck somewhere and can't come out. :P

  13. 4 yrs old definitely still qualifies as a baby!! :) Happy Birthday to your boy!!

  14. Happy birthday to your baby too! :)

    My 'baby' likes to go up those high inflatable slides that are really high (follows his sister) but doesn't really dare to come down by himself. A few times I had to climb up and slide down with him. Let me tell you, I am scared stiff when I am up there!! I always close my eyes as we come swooshing down!! :P

  15. shoppingmum,
    Thank goodness the tunnels didn't give way under my weight. Haha.

    blur mommy,
    It does? Yeah! Now I'll go back to calling him baby. Hehe.

    Thank you. :)

    Yes, I'm afraid too but I will climb up there to slide down with them if they're afraid. The crazy things we mums do....

  16. Happy birthday to your little "baby"!
    What a fruitful day, your baby sure have a great day! Even though there is no big celebration, i think spending time together with the kids is the best way to celebrate their birthday.

  17. no more baby lor...Big Boy..

    Happy Blessed Birthday

  18. annie q,
    I dunno how to plan big celebrations. Haha.

    Baby.. Big Boy... Baby...Big Boy. I can't make up my mind. I think he can't too. Lol!

  19. You all had such a nice birthday planned out for the boy. You are right, the best gift is time.

    We do the same too, take leave on the children's birthday and take them on for a treat on a working day.

    A child will always be a baby to the parents regardless how old he/she becomes.

  20. wmd,
    What a fun day my girl kept on saying even though it was not her birthday. Hahaha. Taking them out for a treat is a treat to us too.


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