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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Daddy, where did you hide my present?

Since I don't work and am with the kids most of the time, I can't buy their birthday gifts for them without them knowing about it. Mr MG is usually busy over lunch time and prefers to buy them together with me and thats usually during the weekend when the kids are with us.

With this kind of scenario, their birthday presents are usually not a surprise. Usually, they would come along, know what we are buying and then we'd keep it away till the actual day.

Its no different this time but we managed to distract them while buying my boy's present for his 4th birthday soon. However, his sister saw us and of course she broke the news to him. Now he can't stop bugging us all day.

"Daddy, where did you hide my present?"

His sisters birthday is next month and she has requested that her birthday present be a surprise. Going out together to pick a present is no fun for kids. A surprise is much much better.


  1. This was really funny!

    Its the case with us too! We cannot buy his, our son, presents and hide because he is always with us when we go shopping.

  2. i think most of us face this also...
    We always go shopping with Jeriel also..so hard to hide..

  3. maybe you can try this...both u and hubby walk separately, one of you go and buy and put into plastic and don't tell anyone of them. Usually it work. But i still prefer to shop alone if possible.

  4. nm,
    Its really hard to hide it from them. Haha.

    Kinda spoil the surprise when we shop together.

    Yes, we do that all the time.

  5. I would think everyone enjoy those great surprises!!!

  6. kelly,
    Haha. Yes, I also prefer a surprise to shopping for my present together with hubby. Lol!


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