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Monday, August 04, 2008

Kids and Medicine

My boy is sick. The fever just can't seem to go away. We've seen the paed and he is currently taking 4 meds. Poor thing. His sister is also taking 3 meds.

This is the 3rd week that the girl is on meds and the 2nd for my boy. It is not easy to get them to take meds. I usually "bribe" them with a spoonful of "Milo powder" to help the medicine go down, taking the cue from the Julie Andrew's song "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go down, the medicine go down."

When I do that, they line up to take their medicine. They make a face but they take it and if I am fast enough with my "Milo powder" the medicine may stay down before the gag reflex pushes it all out again.

Sometimes we talk about the medicine. I tell them that the antibiotics is extra "Kungfu Men" which will enter their body to fight the naughty germs inside. I tell them that the others eg the cough medicine is just to make them feel better from the coughing but the antibiotics are extra "Soldiers" to help them fight the germs. They like this story and so they take their "Kungfu Men" without much fuss.

Well, the girl has finished her "Orange Kungfu Men" and is feeling much better now compared to the boy who just got started on his "White Kungfu Men". Hopefully he will get better soon. I feel sad to see him grown thin and looking so miserable. He is normally such a cheerful boy who is always laughing.


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