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Friday, August 01, 2008

Jigsaw Puzzle Craze

We're having a Jigsaw Puzzle Craze at our house at the moment. From 4 pieces to 48 pieces. From big to small. From original paper pieces to online pieces. The kids go through phases with their toys and for now they're into jigsaws. So that would mean that they're having jigsaw puzzle fights too.

I used to love to do jigsaw puzzles myself. I would complete those 2000 pieces type, put jigsaw glue on the surface, then sent it to the frame shop to be framed up and displayed in my house. Well, I used to be living in my brother's house at the time. So when I moved out, I was shy to ask for my jigsaw puzzle pictures back so they're still in his house now. At least two of them. Haha.

I haven't managed to do any for my own house so far but they're nice as a wall decoration especially if you select a nice picture. Maybe when the kids are older, we'll do them together and preserve them this way. I remember we used to do this as a family activity. My father would sometimes come to join us in putting the pieces together as well. It can be something that the whole family can do together. I must remember to do this when my kids are older.

At the moment they can manage up to 48 pieces so far. Someone gave them a 176 pieces one but they couldn't manage that and got bored after a while. I have two 100 pieces boxes (free from KFC) which I haven't let them try. Since they can now complete the 48 pieces one with ease, perhaps I shall take out the 100 piece one during the coming school holidays for them to try. Hopefully they haven't got tired of jigsaw puzzles by then. ;)


  1. I love jigsaw puzzle too. Good activity for kids. But sometimes I'll go ;( 'rrgghh...' if Ian put 'up side down' again the jigsaw we had made.

  2. hello long time no see! how are you? a nice game to me leh... i love to play puzzle and now free puzzle lagi. hehe...

  3. i used to do a 2000 pieces jigsaw puzzle too.

  4. henny,
    Haha. The kids love to turn their jigsaws upside down too!

    moo mommy,
    High 5. Long time no see indeed. Hehe. You can play the free online one but nothing like the real thing. :)

    Did you frame them up or dismantle and redo?


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