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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School Holiday Arts and Crafts

Yesterday we did some drawings and painting and then decorated it with some glitter glue. Glitter glue really brings out a painted picture. We made the painted sun and the clouds and the windows on aeroplanes and cars glitter.

Then we recycled an old sun catcher by peeling off the old paint and repainting it with new colors. Cheap and good. Haha.

Today we did a CD Jewel Box Photo Frame. We took a two CD jewel box, removed the middle portion and were left with a nice clear frame. Then we decorated the kids photos by pasting them on colored paper and pasting stickers around them. (The colored papers were cut out in the CD box shape first). We did 4 photos for each kid and put them in the CD box back and front on both sides. The kids loved it. Anything featuring themselves is always a hit. lol! This craft is a little bit like doing a scrap book but on a frame instead of in a book.

Later on the kids wanted to turn their sun catchers into personalized key chains and hang them onto the zip tops for their school bags. I gave them key rings with a place to write their names on it and we hung the sun catchers on the bag. The kids were thrilled! Anything featuring their own names to be placed on their own bags is a hit. I had trouble getting them to bathe as they paraded around the room, trying to dance and shake about so that the dangling key chains would make a clanging sound.

Oh well, I've got no time to post photos as we still have lots to do. Poor mommy has got no time to blog but still has time for this entry. ;)


  1. I think this post has the same contain with your other blog, so my comments had already there :), but really I'll wait for your craft's picture...Don't be too long and have a nice day!

  2. henny,
    This one has the craft details. Hehe. But I won't post the pictures as I normally do because they contain my kids photos and names, thats why. :)

  3. You are craetive in the art and craft wuth kids ya. and you are hard working also, i so lazy so far have not yet really do many art and craft with my girl.

  4. contented mum,
    Don't have to be very creative with the internet as a good resource place. Hehe. But even then I've run out of ideas. We're doing mostly "reruns" of crafts but they still enjoy it. :)


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