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Friday, August 29, 2008

Consolidate my blogs or maintain them all

First of all, I have 3 main blogs. Most of you would know that they are....

  1. This blog: Parenting Times
  2. My personal blog: Mumsgather
  3. My exclusive blog for Mothers: Mothering Times
This is my very first blog so its my favourite naturally. However, my personal blog is my personal space so thats also become my favourite blog. The reason why I have 3 blogs and not 1 is for monetary reasons. However, due to the dearth of paid posts, its really not worthwhile to maintain so many blogs, well at least not for me. For those who are very very hardworking, its still worthwhile.

Still, I am too sayang to give up any of the blogs so I'm not sure what to do. This blog is my main Adsense earner. The other two are so minimal I might as well just remove the Adsense. They hardly count. I wonder why. In terms of comments, these days, I appear to be receiving more comments on my personal blog, so comments does not translate to $$$. lol. I believe I have more subsribers to this blog compared to the rest since its my first blog.

In terms of page views, I haven't checked in ages but I checked this morning and saw that this blog averages 250 page views a day, the personal one averages 150 page views a day whereas the Mother's blog averages 100 page views a day. All nothing to shout about. Still its interesting to note that this blog earns 98% of my Adsense income compared to the other two even though the page view is not 98% compared to the others. I still wonder why. I am technologically challenge and I'm too lazy and have no time to dig into the reasons why.

Sometimes I think I should go back to having just one blog but I sayang lah. Haha. So I guess I shall maintain them all for the time being. I don't write duplicate posts on them though some of the contents may overlap a little. So maintaining them still requires some work. Strange isn't it? I have 3 blogs for monetary reasons but now I maintain them for the love of it rather than for money because they don't make money.

Since Adsense is my only income generator these days, I might as well tutup the other two blogs. Previously I wrote more paid posts, several in a day, so one blog is not enough to write them all since we need to have interim posts between the paid ones. But you'll notice that I hardly write any paid posts these days.

I also have different readers for my blogs. Some of the readers from this blog or the Mother's blog don't read my personal blog at all. I'm not sure if they even know it exists. Haha.

What about the rest of you who have several blogs? How do you maintain them all? Tiring or not? ;)


  1. I understand your quandary. I have so many blogs, I am still counting them now..lol...anyway, I have worked out a schedule for most of them. Some I'd update once a week, my personal blog I update it daily, my old personal blog (in blogspot before I migrated to wordpress) I update occasionally, my food blog every other day...etc..etc...
    And not because I have a lot of paid posts to do. I was about to start on paid posts but just didn't have the time to really start...lol. so, I'm depending on nuffnang and adsense which is not much anyway..I am just building up readership now and see how it goes.
    If anything, I love being able to write about so many things on different blogs although making money is also an important factor!
    Good luck with your blogging!

  2. Hi MG, I started blogging only last year as personal therapy and hoping to learn how to earn $ from adsense and paid posts but I guess my timing isn't right and my blogs have very low traffic so hardly earn any, haha. I also didnt put in much effort in learning how to make $ through blogging but I enjoy blogging anyway. Since I blog more for therapy I don't find it tiring becos I don't have to keep up with the pace to earn $ altho I would like to. Who doesnt want $ right? Maybe I must learn from you. In fact, last night, I started another blog http://youmekids.blogspot.com. I also have 2 other public blogs and one private one.

  3. foong,
    Having so many blogs allows us to express our different split personalities on them. Hahaha. I guess at the end of the day, we blog for love first and money second. :)

    Hmmm... yah, the heydays are gone. My blogs used to have a google page rank of 5. This gave me lots of jobs and high paying ones too but they're all a big fat zero now thanks to Mr Google.

    Another thing, many of our blogging buddies all have several blogs. Its hard to keep up with all of them! Haha. You must list down all your public urls for me so I can subscribe to them. :)

  4. Hi MG, I have one open blog (ie the one which you have been reading it) and one restricted blog (only close friends have access)

    both posts are almost identical but the locked blog will have photos inside. :D

  5. ling,
    Thats a great idea. Than you can keep some things private. :)

  6. hi there..new to your blog...interesting to know that you have so many blogs....i mean i find it hard to even maintain..cos i make it a point to update daily..do pop over...cheers


  7. You know mine..just only one..and it is already causing me plenty of headaches..hahaha..

  8. For some of my domains, I just let them expired by next year, I think. As for those niches which I love, I still update them, but very very rare. :)


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