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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mooncake Festival: Lanterns for Kids

Image is from theStar.com.my

"Mummy, I want lantern" ; "Mummy, can I play with candles?"

I've been hearing this recently. Mooncake Festival or Mid Autumn Festival this year falls on Sunday, 14th September 2008. The malls have been selling mooncakes and lanterns for about 2 to 3 weeks now but we haven't bought any.

I think I'll just go to the nearby "kedai runcit" (convenience store) to get some paper and plastic lanterns for the kids. Its cheaper than the ones at the malls and more authentic. No point getting those gadgety, noisy, expensive ones. The ones at the malls are rather commercialised. I even saw some Kungfu Panda ones this year. It is afterall for just once a year and it'll get burned anyway so cheap is the way to go. The gadgety ones with propellers and moving parts and bubbles that blow out look just like any other toy to me. They don't look like lanterns to me.

What about you? Have you bought any lanterns for your kids yet? What do they look like? How about posting a photo on your blog to share with us?


  1. my all time fav lanterns will be paper lanterns too!

    ...still traditional one is the best to me!

  2. i recently bought two lanterns for my kids but have yet to let them play around with it with the heavy rain lately.

  3. Oh, I just know the date of this Lantern Festv from you. Here, I haven't seen the lantern decorating at mall. Maybe next month...They all get busy now with the preparation of Moeslem fasting month that start next week.

  4. jesslyn,
    Yes, traditional is the best. :)

    I normally just let them play with it on the night itself. Lazy momma. Haha.

    Here there aren't any lantern decorations but there are lots of stalls selling mooncakes!


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