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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our very own School Holiday Program

Its the school holidays and we have our own School Holiday Program at home. It looks something like this:

  • Breakfast
  • Chinese Reading Practise (for the girl)
  • Learn to Read at Starfall (for the boy)
  • Arts and Crafts (for both)
  • Lunch
  • Bath
  • Emcee Practise (for the girl)
  • Nap
  • Piano Practise (for the girl)
  • Gardening (just watering the plants)
  • Dinner
  • Scrapbooking (for the girl)
  • Bedtime

The kids don't have time for tv and they don't even realise it. ;) The day may look structured and full of activities but the kids actually look forward to them and ask for them. But of course mummy has less time for herself since she has to supervise the activities. Fortunately mummy has a helper now to do the housework and cleaning up after cooking. Phew!


  1. ooo now eksyen got maid edi *jeles*

  2. sasha,
    Of course lah. I "suffer" so long edi mah. Everything oso I do myself without help. Right from preggy dat time, after delivery oso no CL or maid or mother or MIL, right up to now, the elder kid 6 years edi. So now mah eksyen loh. Hahaha.

  3. I take my hat off to you for the effort in making every minute an enriching one. I've failed many times cos my daughter simply loves watching tv and playing with her toys, so hard to get her to do simple writing/math or practise her instruments! This week, the schedule is more like breakfast, toys, tv, lunch, toys, books, mandarin/music lessons with outside teacher, snack, tv/toys, bath, dinner....

  4. Poor little kids... Well, is good to plan for their kids. Besides structure routine, it also helps the kids from the bad guys! ;)

  5. anna,
    My girl is 6 and she simply loves this activities. So its not hard at all. In fact if I don't plan this for her, she'd be bugging me to! As for her 4 year old brother, anything that big sister thinks is fun is great for him too! I let them play with their toys when I want to have uninterupted conversation with their dad in the evenings. Haha.


  6. haha..
    It sounds on these days you're really enjoy to have a helper :)
    (Helper themes for this week...)
    So..I'm glad for you, just enjoy your quality time with kids!

  7. No tv..that's good and they don't even ask for it...even better! Brae keeps asking for tv whenever we are home. Hmmm..this mummy should minimise the tv session and be more like you by giving the kids more activities. But but..then mummy has no more time for herself.

  8. what the di-di doing in the afternoon? cos i see mainly for sister only????

    now u know..got maid can relax a bit.

  9. henny,
    I definitely will. :)

    Thats true. Mommy has no time for herself as usual. Hahaha.

    little lamb,
    lol. Yes, Poor didi. He's a superglue. So he'll be whenever we are sticking to me. Haha. But this is just a rough guide. For example, last evening instead of scrapbooking, we did a 100 piece jigsaw together instead. Or he'll be coloring or playing with his toy cars or pretending to read his books. ie reading aloud from a book but the words are from him not from the book since he can't read well yet. Haha.

  10. how i wish darren can follow such routine too ..i plan for him, but his reaction tells me to do something else like watching tv and tv and tv...sigh....

  11. perhaps baby darren's span of attention will be longer when he is older. I think my 4 year old boy would be equally distracted if not for his sister's influence. :)


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