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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A bun a day makes me very sleepy

These are my hairstyling tools

When I was a young girl, I had long hair. I could see from my early years photo that my hair looks long. But after I went to primary school, *snip snip snip*. My school did not allow us to keep long hair. So I had short hair from Std 1 to Std 6 (ie 7 - 12 years old). *Sob Sob Sob* In secondary school, I kept long hair but we were required to use either blue, white or black ribbons to tie up the hair in braids or pony tail.

My girl's school allows them to keep long hair. However, they must use black clips only AND they have to tie it up in a bun. Aiyoh! Thats a lot of work for mothers. Its not easy to tie a bun early in the morning while your eyes are still half shut especially if the hair is the smooth, slippery type like my girl's.

Quite a lot of mothers I know just snip off their daughter's hair. But I feel too sayang to do that. So I have to get up extra earlier to tie her bun. Have to put lots of gel and pins too, otherwise it won't stay. Really hard work I tell you. Yawwwwwwn!


  1. Ooohhh.....sounds tough....what more in doing it!

    If only there was a simplier way!

  2. ha! this is exactly what my sister doing every early morning! she feels like cutting off her daugther hair too because my niece thin and slippery hair really upset her, but the girl insists to keep it long as she is taking ballet lesson!

  3. Ann,
    Pony tail or braids is so much easier to tie.

    Yah and when my girl complains or moves about too much, bad mommy will say "Stay still or stop complaining or we will cut your hair." :P So bad hor, but morning very grumpy......

  4. This post reminds me of how mum used to tie my hair into braids every morning without fail...mummy is the greatest!! :)

  5. Aah...it's seem you're such a very good mom! haha... But I love to see little girls with cute hairs and pins. I often wonder how smart and 'diligent' of their mom to do that works :) My own daughter never allow me to even touch her hair, so...can you imagine how bad am I about 'menata rambut' ?

  6. Probably yr girl's school REALLY want to discourage long hair, cos i see my neighbour just tie her daughter's in ponytails only. So to show that u dun succumb to such stupid rule, u must keep it up! We 'chee chi nei'!

  7. blurblur,
    Its nice isn't it to have mummy tie your hair. Hehe.

    They're not allowed to use cute hairpins, only plain black ones. So when we're out, I'm so tired of tying everyday, she doesn't get to go around in nice sweet cute pins. I just let her hair down. Hahaha.

    Lil' Monsters, Inc,
    Well, actually I see a lot of little girls running around in their buns so we're not discouraged. Hahaha. They allow us to use those big bows with netting (must be black) so that helps.

  8. My girl's school required those with long hair to tie a bun too. But I still see many with pony tails to school. Some with colorful pins too. May be this school din really enforce it. Anyway, I got my girl to chop off her long hair before school reopen.... and chopped off again when she had head lice weeks ago. Yesterday she looked at her old photos and wanted so badly for her long hair again...

  9. Hey...like mummy like dotter lor. AI SWEE needs sacrifices one lar.

    I recalled my primary school days when my aunt had to tie my long hair. Ouch..I hated it sooooooo much cos she used the rubber band to tie my pony tail hair soooooo tight. That gave me a lot of pain and discomfort in school. After some time, I asked for my grandma to cut my hair short.

    I will not put up with pain for SWEE. Hehehehe

  10. I used to plait then bun the hair. I find it easier to pin the hair down this way. Have you tried it?

  11. Annie,
    I thought that a plait first would be easier but then this bow and netting makes it easier. No need to pin the bun, only the surrounding hair. As for the bun, just tie into pony tail and stuff everything into the net. Hahaha.

    Aiyah, nowadays the rubber band all no more tight tight one, no pain one. No need to pain to be swee mah. Hahaha.


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