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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Registering my Second Child for Primary School

The first child is like an experiment but with the second child, we feel a bit more confident about our parenting skills from past experience so things are a little different and quite often easier, from breastfeeding to toilet training to registering them for school.

On 11th March, 2009, I went to register my second child for Primary School. It took just minutes to get the relevant forms in and receive a chop or rubber stamp at the back of his birth certificate to confirm the registration.

This time we didn't give a second or third choice of school. Only one choice, his sister's school. This time we didn't have to visit several schools before deciding. This time we didn't have to crack our heads on whether to send him for Chinese School or Kebangsaan School etc.

Everything is smoother and easier with the second child. Afterall, (where schooling is concerned), we had given it much thought and research for all our kids in deciding for the first one.

Registering for school this time round was much much easier. The clerk says the letter informing us of the ministry's decision will be out next year sometime in July. I paid RM1 for postage for that letter.


  1. Same school as cher cher?

  2. Ann,
    Yah. Yah. Same school. No need to think. Hehe.


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