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Monday, March 02, 2009

Their first toy they bought from their Angpow money

Each year after CNY, we would calculate the kids' Angpow Money and then bank it into the bank for them. This year, since they are older and just starting to learn about the value of money and how to buy things on their own etc, we decided to let them keep a little to buy something for themselves for keepsakes. This is the first year they got to spend any of their Angpow money.

They had RM20 each to spend and RM1 each to put in their money box. We took them to the toy store and asked them to make their selection but we reminded them that it had to be under RM20. Everything that they selected was ABOVE RM20. Hahaha.

We almost gave up. We wanted to take them to the bookstore instead but the little one grumbled. They both still prefer toys to books although they love books. :)

However, just as we were about to leave, I spotted the above fun torches for them. They love playing with torch lights so why not get them one of their own each. The girl's torch was called Fairy Lites Magic Torch and the boy's was Glow Zone Space Adventure's Torch. It has little caps with pictures of fairies (for the girl) and space craft and spaceman (for the boy) to put over the torch so that when you switch it on, the fairies and space craft would float all over the room and ceiling or wherever you shone them. It cost RM20.90 each. Just perfect. So they kept the balance 10 cents into their money boxes instead of the originally intended RM1. :)

They loved it! They paid for it themselves queueing up at the cashier excitedly. Fortunately the cashier was free and had time to take one payment after another from them as well as issue separate receipts and give them a plastic bag each.

Daddy loves it too because now the kids will leave his torch alone. And mummy loves it because now when the kids tell her "Come play with us, please, mummy" she can switch off the lights, lie down on the bed, relax and say "Shine here. Shine there. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.... Blast off! (for the rocket) or What a sweet fairy princess. Look at her grow bigger/smaller." (Its the easiest toy to play with the kids for this old tired mummy.) lol.


  1. This reminds me ... to go calculate my lil one's angpow. Forgot about it.

  2. oh...sounds great!!! But seems not so worth it for ME to buy it! hahahah.....

  3. Hi,

    Can you please let me know where you got those torchlights? Been thinking of buying them for my kids. Thanks.

  4. Family First,
    Still notchet calculate ah?

    Rather expensive torches hor?


  5. Hey, I got 2 of the pink ones for my little girls. Don't recall that they had boy versions too. Next round will be for my bb boy then. :) I'm sure your kids will have more playtime out of them as they were involved in the whole process of getting them. My kiddos' are now just chucked into their bags :(...yours is a great idea for them to value their toys more.

  6. ming,
    There are two boy versions. I got the space adventures one. The other one is on dinosaurs but I didn't like the idea of having dinosaurs shining on my ceilings and walls. They'd look so monstrous. Haha.


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