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Friday, March 06, 2009

Conversations between banana moms

Situation 1

Mom 1: Excuse me, can you tell me what this form is all about? (Holds out a form printed in Chinese)

Mom 2: Hehe. Sorry. I also dunno. I was about to ask the teacher myself.

Situation 2: A telephone conversation

Mom 1: Hi Mom 2, Sorry to trouble you but I was just wondering whether you know what homework the kids are supposed to do tomorrow? My dotter wrote something but its incomplete. I have no idea what it is.

Mom 2: Ok. No Problem. I was just about to check the dictionary myself. I will sms you after I check ok? My girl also don't know what its all about when I asked her.

Mom 1: Well, at least she managed to write down something you can check on the dictionary. My dotter didn't manage to copy down anything. I only know its something to do with "My Family" I'm not sure whether they are supposed to bring a family photo for a project or something.

Mom 2: Yah, I also know its something to do with "My Family" because I can read that but I'll check the other words on the dictionary afterwards. BTW, did your dotter bring toilet paper to school yesterday?

Mom 1: No, why?

Mom 2: Apparently the class teacher asked all the children to bring but my girl also didn't bring because she didn't know what the teacher was talking about.

Mom 1: Oh, I didn't know anything about this because my dotter didn't say anything about toilet paper. She also doesn't understand whats going on in class most of the time.

Note: Later on Mom 2 called Mom 1 to inform her that its not a family photo that is required but the kids are having an art competition the next day and the theme is "My Family".

These are true life conversations. Be prepared to have crazy conversations like this if you're a banana mom sending your child to a Chinese school. Oh, and do make connections with other moms and get their phone numbers. It'll really be useful. lol.


  1. I remembered when I was in Standard 4, the teacher wanted to meet my mom. So the teacher rang my mom from the principal's office, and they spoke in Cantonese ahhaahhaha

    My grandma (mom;s mom) was around when I studied..so most of the time is the grandma that does the translation for my mom.

  2. Hahaha....funny conversation!
    Ok then, collect phone numbers as many as you can :)
    Be sure one of them is fluently in Chinese.

  3. excellent blog

    do visit:-

  4. Hi! I'm new. But I so know what u mean...my son just started Std 1, most of the time, his reply to me is "Dunno??" Sigh!

  5. aiyoh u are so funny!

    reall not easy ya... ur kid has to really pay attention in class!

  6. Laugh laugh laugh. Choke choke choke. Sniff sniff sniff. Wiping tears off my face cos I laughed too hard. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. This post is sooooooooooo funny and sooooooooooo true in real life. I am a banana mum and really enjoy banana mum humors.

  7. LittleLamb,
    The problem is the teacher does not speak much English and I don't speak much Cantonese when she speaks to me in Cantonese, so you can imagine our communication problems...

    Oh, I will find it hard to understand those fluent in Mandarin and likewise for them too.

    I get "Cannot remember".

    The problem is even if she really pays attention, sometimes she does not understand what is being said. She says she can't even understand her Bahasa Malaysia class because the teacher teaches BM in Chinese! Hahaha.

    Haha. Jangan takut. Jangan takut. Just remember to take as many phone numbers as you can during orientation for you may not get to meet the parents again after that.

    Eh, your kid also attended Chinese school one ah. You must share share with me lah.

  8. LOL LOL LOL.....now I am REALLY thinking twice about chinese school!

    totally hilarious....so 'charm' lah we all banana mums!

  9. Ann,
    Wait till you have to sit through 4 hours of talk in Chinese. Thats what I had to do during my kids orientation.

  10. LOL....mommies are really helping each other up


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