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Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to School

2 weeks for school holidays is too short. It just flies by so quickly. Today we are back to school and back to routine. For the school holidays we managed to do ....

  • 3 crafts, (a Father's Day Card, award ribbon rossettes and a toilet roll robot boy and girl)
  • 1 science experiment, (we germinated bean seeds in a container)
  • got started on a cross stitch pattern for the girl, (she's sewing a rose)
  • she also performed in a piano concert in preparation for her coming piano exam,
  • some lessons, mostly revision of the first term including school holiday homework given by the school
  • we watched 2 movies (Monsters & Aliens and Night in the Museum 2)

We didn't go anywhere but our holidays was fruitful enough. We had lots of activities at home. My only grouse is that we didn't get enough of outdoor activities. Next holidays is during the end of August. Can't wait!

I will do posts for our crafts, "science experiment" etc soon.


  1. The weather is so bad I don't think you would ever want to spent outdoor.

    Envy your fruitful holiday.

  2. Elaine,
    Oh you are right. It is hazy days again. :(

  3. You have done a lot for 2 weeks. I think I lack consistency and discipline. Every time I plan to do something with my kids, it's always "tak jadi".


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