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Thursday, June 04, 2009

His First Kindy Report

I met with the boy's class teacher and BM teacher on the last week of school to collect his report card. For a 5 year old, usually the report is not so academic (since there are no tests) which I like and so we went on to discuss his behaviour in class etc.

He received a Good rating for most of his subjects accept for Chinese which was mostly poor. (And I'm sending him to Chinese school later on......)

The teachers had good things to say about him. They said he is very hardworking, obedient, listens to instructions well, contributes during discussions. According to the teachers he is confident during the discussions. He also mixes well with his classmates and teachers. His handwriting is good and he tries to complete his arts and crafts on his own. They had some sewing for art and craft and he finished second ahead of all the girls. :)

For English, he got rated mostly Good with the comment "He has shown confidence in speech and class discussions."For Music & Movement mostly Good with comment "Enjoy it very much."For Math, Mostly Good and "He is confident in Maths activities."For Bahasa Malaysia, mostly satisfactory and "Tekun membuat sesuatu kerja dan berusaha menyiapkannya."For Behaviour and Attitude in Class mostly Good and "An obedient and cooperative boy. He needs to be encouraged to speak mandarin frequently."For Art & Craft mostly Good and "Enjoys it and tries his best to complete his work independantly"For Mandarin mostly poor and "Try to communicate more often in Mandarin"For Science/Moral mostly Good and "Shares his views during discussion."

So overally, his teacher suggested we try to improve his Mandarin by letting him watch and listen to Chinese songs more.

Actually before sending him to kindy the area I worried about the most is that he would be clingy and lazy but he has turned out the opposite in both. He is independant and hardworking.

We got him a little present for being so good in class and asked him to keep it up. I also went to buy some Chinese songs CDs but silly me did not know how to read chinese so I ended up with some Audio CDs instead of Video CDs. How to help him improve in Chinese and Mandarin Conversation when his mommy is Chinese illiterate?


  1. Hi,mumsgather.I remembered when my girl was 5 years, she was learning to speak in Mandarin with her frens and teacher(s)in the kindy and she was progressing well when she reached 6. She likes to read in Chinese in rhymes and still enjoying now...maybe you can try to buy some books with rhymes, try to look for books from EPH S'pore.

  2. Hmmm.....do you have any chinese friends who can help you? Or maybe the Mandarin school teacher! Or maybe your daughter! :)

  3. hi MG..how are you? Hope you're not sick anymore and have fun in this school vacation :)


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