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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beat the Clock Game

Everyday I have to ask my girl to hurry up during bathtime. Finally tired of it myself, I took out the timer and said "Let us play the beat the clock game." If we can finish our bath and change before the timer rings, we win. Then when the timer rings, we will all shout out "We win!"

I had read that this method works well with kids who dawdle because it turns the "enemy" or nagger (you), into a common "enemy" (the clock) so there is no battle.

The boy is always fast so I have no trouble with him but he wanted to play too so I said ok. So far, it turned out ok. I've never seen her happier and more excited to do things fast.

At the end of it, they both said. "Mummy, can we play this game everyday?" No prizes for anyone who knows what my anwer is. We have played the game for two days so far. I wonder when the novelty will wear off.....


  1. hehe! i think they will find it fun at first but eventually find out it's only a "trick" that mummy wants them to do thing fast!

  2. Leeyen,
    I'm sure they'll realise that its only mummy's trick and the novelty will wear off soon..... then mummy will have to think of another new trick. Know any?

  3. great tips

    it is human's instinct to win, we desire to win. Unfortunately, due to past failure, adults tend to lost out the spirit to win. they afraid of setback and disappointment, therefore play safe and never strive to win.

    as parents, we should never undermine this instinct. you have done a great start in your kids.

  4. Great that it is working. Use it and use it until it really wears off!

    Maybe I can also use that to let my son know it is time to sleep. :)

  5. mcheo,
    You are probably right about the desire to win part because the part that they enjoy most is the countdown to zero and shouting "We win! We win! We win!" at the clock. lol.

    I think it may be wearing off soon because I tried to use it for getting ready to bed time and my dawdling child (you know which one) pouted and said "I don't like this game." while the other one rushed to the toilet with a big smile on his face. Hahaha.

  6. hahahhaha...this is a great idea. I wonder will it work on my sons. I should try this one day.

  7. Annie,
    It only works on my son who does everything fast. As for my girl who is the slowcoach who really needs this game more, she is starting to dislike it. :P


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