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Friday, July 31, 2009

New Rules at Bedtime after the lights are off

The kids are so fond of talking at bedtime/naptime that I've come up with a new rule. Here's the rule....

"Ok. Each of us may say 3 things.... after that we say goodnight .... and then......NO MORE TALKING!"

The kids agreed. They bargained for 4 things. I agreed.

"I'll start", I said. So I mention something that I want to tell or ask any of the kids which I may have forgotten about during the day... and then I point to the boy and say "You're next." and he goes....

"Let me think..... hmmm....ahh.... hmmm.... wait, let me think first...." Finally he says his thing..... and then the girl goes.....

"Mummy, wait, I want to tell you something. But this is not one of the 4 things ok?" But when it comes to one of the 4 things she would go........"Wait, let me think first........"

Since, they've been limited to only 4 things, they realise that its very important, don't want to miss a thing and want to make it really matter. The other thing is... when they're not allowed to talk, they have so much to say but when I give them the chance to say something, suddenly, they're tongue tied. ;)

There's so much thinking about what to say next and waiting for the next person to think that the girl forgot what she wanted to say and then she went.....

"Mummy, I forgot what I wanted to say. And I really wanted to say it.... Can I wake you up in the middle of the night to say it?"

Then finally, after all the 4 things have been said by everyone. We say "Goodnight. I love you. Sweet Dreams." Then mommy says "OK, NO MORE TALKING!" and the kids say "Can we cough? Can we Ah... Cheee (Sneeze)? Can we Yawn?"

... and mummy says "Yes, but not on purpose."

Then, there is silence and soon after....zzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. ha! they are so cute and mummy is so smart!
    usually we will say that "the person who talks is the rotten egg!" then guess! mummy will always be the rotten egg as she always wants to tell daddy lots of things until her boy asks her to stop talking! keke!

  2. Hahaha...this is such a clever rule! I will try out this idea when my son can understand being limited to what he wants to say. He's only turning 2 soon, so I doubt he can understand what "saying 3 things" is.

  3. Good trick! And, the kids were so lovely! I like cheeky like like this. They can always surprise us, and make us laugh. :)

  4. Same. It is usually after I have off the lights , they start having questions. And it is never ending, until hubs threaten them that he is bringing the cane out ( in fact we have none at home)

    I think during bedtime, when they are lying on the bed, it is the time they recap what is happening during the day, hence the questioning. It is also the time that we adult lie still , do nothing and able to listen to them, but the kids never know that at that time , our brain is already half gone in dream land. :D

  5. Leeyen,
    Haha. I should try that rotten egg trick. :)

    You may need it all too soon.

    Yes, they can make us laugh all the time.

    Sometimes I sleep with the balloon stick which doubles up as a cane under my pillow just to get them to quiet down to nap!

    Contentedmom, henny, MeRy,
    Feel free to try it anytime. lol.

  6. hahaha....that is sooo cute!

    makes me remember some of my own childhood memories!

    wonder why kids try so hard to stay awake when it is bedtime!

  7. good idea n at least they are soo obedient to follow...

  8. Ann,
    Because they want to PLAY! Hehe.

    Haha. Yah, so far but I think soon the 3 things will turn into 4, 5 or 6 and we are back to square 1.

  9. why kids like to talk a lot during bed time ar..i'm wondering! I think when i'm young, i also talk a lot with my brother, two of us will yak non stop till my mum will come with a cane then only we stop.

    Now my sons not only talk, after get warning from me, they go for whispering!

  10. Annie Q,
    Haha. And then if you don't say anything, the whispering will get louder... and louder..... and LOUDER! hahaha.

  11. LOL! As for me, I make them sleep separate rooms.


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