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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little White Lies

My girl and boy are very different when it comes to telling the truth. My girl is the honest, straight type and will tell me most of the naughty things she has done even if I have not seen it or did not ask her.

However, my boy would tell me "No, I didn't do it." even if he is caught red handed! Recently his teacher told me that he has been getting too playful in class. She said that once when they were sitting in a circle for a session, he put his foot up on his friend's face!

I guess that is because at home he is very playful and likes to put his foot on my face. When I scold him and tell him how bad manners it is, he would roll over with laughter because he thinks it is such a funny game. I had to remind him that school is a place for learning and putting your foot on someone's face is not a funny thing at all but is very bad.

The teacher also told me that another time when they were sitting in a circle, he sat with his back facing the circle. Again, I can imagine that he is probably giggling away happily thinking that it is rather hilarious. I reminded the teacher to discipline, punish or do whatever she needs to do to stop his bad behaviour before it becomes a bad habit.

When I asked him whether he did those things, as usual, he said "No, I didn't, mummy." So the next day, I had to see the teacher together with him and I had to tell teacher to discipline him if necessary when he is within earshot, so that he will get the message that we are serious.

I would like him to go to school happy and kindy really should be a fun place but when it comes to naughty behaviour, then I think a line should be drawn and he must learn what is or is not acceptable behaviour in school. This is for his own good when he goes to primary school in future especially a strict Chinese school type of environment.

Anyway, apart from this, I've never had any other problems from him so far. In fact, I was a bit worried, that he was too well behaved for a boy and all his best friends are girls. Now, it looks like I don't think I have to worry anymore.


  1. MG,
    'double standard' eh? :)

  2. I wonder what is it about boys....my son does that too...and I find myself sometimes at a lost that when I scold him, he actually finds the deed more funny that be fearful of my raised voice.



    I guess cannot give up...have to discipline and discipline and continue disciplining.


  3. henny,
    In a sense, yes. :)

    On the other hand sometimes my boy is easier to handle than my girl who is more emotional. :)

  4. dear! my boy did that too! but just once! after that i never received any complains frm his teacher!
    i'm sure ur boy will soon grow out of this bad habit! dont worry much!

  5. Leeyen,
    He often tells me little white lies even if I catch him in the act, he will deny it. How lah like that.


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