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Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Cowboy Needs A Horse Song

My kids love this Walt Disney Cartoon and Song from 1956. Its called "A Cowboy Needs A Horse." They loved it the first time they saw it. Now they like to sing the catchy and easy to sing along song and watch the cartoon from time to time.

This Disney cartoon is about a little boy who dreams he is a cowboy in his sleep. I like the ending and how he wakes up in his bed as an ordinary boy again. This embedded cartoon is the full version. If you prefer just the song with lyrics, you can go to this link: A Cowboy Needs A Horse.

I love the old Disney cartoons I can find on YouTube. Some of them are real gems like this one. I will share our favourites from time to time on this blog.


  1. disney cartoons are ever green indeed...

  2. Thank you ... 'll wait for another, your links :D


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