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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mid Term Exams and tight schedules

It seems like not too long ago that my girl just sat for her mid year examinations and now its time for mid-term examinations again. Our education system is really too exam orientated. Now, most Art and Physical Education classes are making way for other lessons as teachers rush to complete the syllabus.

I try my best to schedule some revision time with the girl daily but most days it is not possible. Most days its just trying to complete homework. I also have to schedule play time and nap time with the kids. In addition to that, she has piano classes once a week and "mandarin conversational" classes twice a week. Basically we got her kindy teacher to come in to just chat with her about school etc in Mandarin. This is to help her practise speaking in Mandarin since we don't speak Mandarin at home.

All these activities take up a lot of time. So most days its very rushed at home. As soon as the kids come home from school, they get whisked off to bathe, then lunch, then they sit and do homework, then its Piano/Mandarin chat time, then tea time, then a nap, then dinner, then more homework/some revision, then short playtime or none at all, then get ready for bedtime, then storytime, then bedtime and the next day starts all over again. The girl does not have any other extra curricular activities other than piano and even then I find that we are so pressed for time. I wonder how other moms do it, especially the working ones.


  1. hmm....their time is filled up nice and proper....:) usually extra co-curr can be done on sat?

    But it sure sounds tiring for you!

  2. Ann,
    Weekends is family time, so we try not to schedule anything during the weekends.

  3. MG, same same here. So many things, so little time. At least you have proper tea time. I make my daughter have tea and do homework at the same time! It's always such a rush. I keep telling her "faster, faster, finish your homework, then we need to go piano lesson (or whatever other classes), etc etc"

  4. Anna,
    Haha. Sometimes we do work while eating too. Its total madness.

  5. My girl is attending the afternoon class. So most of the time, she would do the homework until very late at night (11 pm). However, she is very free in the morning so she get to sleep until 9 am. She has very tight schedule too. she has to attend English class every Tuesday and Friday, Ballet class on Wednesday, art Class and Piano class on Saturday, Gymnastic and Han Yu Pin Yin Class on Sunday. I am a working parent so she has to do her own revision. Luckily she can handle them and to my surprise she got first place in her class. However, I always feel sorry for the younger one as he always has to follow the sister to her class. I am still struggling on how to strike a balance between work, daughter, son and house work.

  6. Jac,
    Your girl's schedule sounds really tight! Yours too! And yet she managed to get top place in class. She must be a very bright girl. Does she enjoy all her activities?

  7. Yes, She is the one who asks for all the activities. She loves to participate and enjoy them and cope well in most of the activities. Mummy is the one who gets so worry on her weight and time arrangement. She is quite skinny, only 19 kg and hardly put on weight. The teacher also commented, she is a perfectionist in her work, the teacher is worried whether she can complete her homework in she goes to Elite Class (You know, the typical Chinese School problem). The most important thing is to maintain her interest and enthuatism. Anyway, I will let her decide whether to take up so many activities if she has difficulty in coping up with them in future.
    BTW, if we analyse her time, actually she is very free in the morning, she gets to sleep until 9:00 a.m. or later in the morning.

  8. Jac,
    You've got an amazing kid there. You sound more stressed than her. ;)


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