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Thursday, July 09, 2009

His two girlfriends

My boy has two girl friends in kindy. He is very fond of them both particularly one of them. They are both very fond of him too.

"I don't know which one to marry, mummy." he tells me. "I think I will marry A" When I asked him why he will marry A, he tells me "Because she asked me to marry her first. She asked me before B came to ask me." lol

I told him that only big people got married to which he replied "Haiyah! Not now lah, Mummy, for later!" I told him that he won't even remember them when he is big but he ignored me.

I don't know how it is that he got this notion about getting married etc. We hardly watch any romantic movies at home. He only knows that people who love each other get married and it must be someone of the opposite sex and a friend. Once he asked whether he could marry me or marry his cheh cheh. I told him no he can't and then he and his cheh cheh started discussing about how they would need to look for another friend of the opposite sex to marry when they grow big.

The other day, I saw a little love note from his girl friend. On it was a boy and a girl inside a heart, surrounded by more hearts and flowers and a "I love you" written underneath. That was the second love note I saw from the little girl. Obviously she returns his affections.

The kindy teachers exclaimed. Gosh! They are only 5. I've never had to deal with this types of things for my 5 or 6 year old classes before in all the years that I've taught. We had a good laugh about it and decided that they would have forgotten each other not only in adulthood but as soon as they go to different primary schools. ;)


  1. lol lol lol....

    Things are happening earlier and earlier....

    Don't know whether to laugh or sigh....

    Pretty ah your future daughter in law?? ;)

  2. Ann,
    Well, both of them are rather cute. I don't know which to choose.... ;)

  3. hahaha ... innocent childhood love is so sweet... before all the headache and "complicate" adult's factor start kicking in.

  4. molly,
    Even the two girl friends are good friends to each other. This morning I saw them playing on the swings together. lol.

  5. i think this case is better than my son who refuses to play with gals! :) keke!

  6. That's cute! So, you don't have to worry that he can't find a wife next time!

  7. Things are getting very complicated for the kids nowadays.

    1 boy has 2 gals, and the gals are good friends.

    1 boy doesn't play with gal.

    >>So, you don't have to worry that he can't find a wife next time!
    I just concern either the boy find more than 1 gals or will go find other guy :p

    Childhood is sooo sweeet :p

  8. kids! haha so funny ler. But then at least they play with each other and doesn't fight eh.

    Psst: yesterday Jayden hugged and kiss his gf in sch and the gf hugged him so tight and placed his head on her chest (cos she is taller ma) and my son follow only. hahaha

  9. Leeyen,
    Mine has mostly girl friends woh. I don't know what to make of that.

    Only time will tell...

    Well, the 2nd girl does seem keen on another boy...

    Luckily mine got no kissing and hugging but the girl did take his shoes for him to wear today. lol.

  10. funny story...hahaha...seems he's quite popular among little girls :)

  11. wah! so young got gf and can write love letter edi!!! ur boy must be handsome leh!

  12. henny,
    He really is. :)

    I should post up the picture of the love note hor.


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