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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Her Art

I keep most of the pictures and craft done by the kids. I love all of them because each one brings me back to a moment in time. Each one tells a different story. I store them in big folders and that reminds me, I should get some clear holders to keep some of the smaller ones.I also keep little things that they make and fold for me, little cards and messages. (Now you know where my little Ms Hoarder got her habit from). My girl is a hoarder. She keeps most things that she likes, stickers, little notebooks, etc etc. I have to get her to clear her drawers and files every now and then.

Here are a couple of drawings from Little Miss Hoarder. :)

The story behind this one: "Mummy, I saw my friend drawing the girl's eyes closed like this. It looks very nice, so I copied. Does this mean I can't be an artist because an artist has to be original?"

The story behind this one: This is her first black and white picture (because it hasn't been completed, not coloured in yet but I like it this way.) She sat and drew what she saw for this one. "Mummy, this is my first real scene drawing. Do you like my trees mummy, do you like my trees?"

Each drawing has its own special moment for us. I can't bear to throw any of them away. For the record, both of these were drawn at age 8+. I am sure I will not remember if I don't record this down. A brilliant idea just came to me. Next time, I will write the date and age behind each drawing and craft that I keep so that I can remember it and show it to them when they grow up.

The kids do not attend any art class because of lack of time and money resource. To make up for it, I try to do crafts with them whenever I can. I also encourage them to draw and send in their drawings for contests. When reading books and looking at pictures, I would point out to them how others colour, the shading, the shadows, the perspective and lo and behold, they do pay attention and would try to do it on their own when they draw and colour. "Look mummy, I did shading/shadows for this!" Sometimes I also show them YouTube videos on how to use oil pastels etc. That is the cheapest art lesson of all. Observation, Imagination and Exploration.


  1. Bravo mg!
    Girl ,your drawings are so well drawn!
    If only I could put in the "effort" for my girl(still malas -me)

  2. she is good. i like her scenery drawing. :)

  3. Wow...the black and white one is so detailed! Reckon when my kids get to that stage, I would not dream of throwing them out too.

    Now their art are all half or 3 quarts done by the teacher! :)


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