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Monday, April 25, 2011

His kind of birthday

We celebrated the boy's birthday yesterday. He had his kind of birthday. Stay in, play games, went out for meals, sang birthday song, open presents, play game again. lol.

Last year was his last year in kindy. We decided to have a party for him at the kindy. Usually we celebrate our birthdays on a very small scale, just the four of us. Last  year, we invited Chicky from KFC fame to come along though. Haha. Chicky was very skinny and sweaty and his fur was a bit black.

This year since he is in primary school, it is much harder to organise a party so it is back to just four of us. It didn't make any difference to his happiness level though. I think he was perfectly happy doing all the things that he wanted to do.

I finally got him the full version of "plants vs zombies" as a surprise. He had wanted it so much. He also got his Humungousaur (Ben 10 alien) cake, wore his Ben 10 party hat and he ate the omnitrix (Ben 10 watch) as his first bite from the cake.

No homework for him all day long. I think that is the part he enjoyed the most of all!

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  1. Happy birthday to your son! From all that you write about him, he sounds like a very adorable, cute fella. Keep up the good work, mummy.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    Can see pic of the cake? My son also so into Ben10 now and am thinking of getting him a Ben10 cake as well.

    So nice mummy make his day really all about HIM!

  3. Anna,
    He is a good boy. (If I may say so myself. Hehe.). He is affectionate, with a soft heart for those in pain whether physical or otherwise, if any one of us hurt ourselves, have a tummy ache or whatever, or even if we are in a bad mood, stressed etc, he will be the first to comfort and sayang the person plus he is well mannered too. His main bad point is he is a sore loser and he likes to cry over small things but these are small compared to his good points. :)

    These days the bakeries are so good. All you need to do is ask your son to choose a picture he likes and bring it to the cakeshop and they can replicate it on the cake. Amazing. (I haven't downloaded the pic yet...)


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