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Friday, April 22, 2011

My birthday timetable

My girl has drawn up her birthday itenary even though her birthday is a month away.Its a very detailed itenary too! I took a picture of it but it is too blur to put up. So I shall just replicate it here to tease her about it when she grows up. Hehe.

My birthday timetable

7:30 - Wake up
7:45 - Brush teeth
7:50 - Dress up
8:00 - Eat breakfast
8:30 - Play a bit
9:30 - Practise piano especially oral
9:45 - Leave house and go to mall
11:00 - Come home
12:15 - Lunch
1:15 - Rest
2:00 - Open Present
2:15 - Play with present
3:45 - Play with art paper and do creative things
4:30 - Get ready to go to park and fly kite
5:00 - Reach park
5:10 - Start flying kite
6:15 - Go home
6:25 - Bathe
7:15 - Eat Dinner
8:00 - Finish Dinner
8:15 - Play a bit more
8:30 - Brush teeth
8:35 - Read book
9:00 - Sleep

A rather tight itenary I must say. :) She even created a logo for her timetable and said that it is her birthday logo.

She did this in school on a rough piece of paper and later copied it down on a pink art paper. I was amused to see that her original "3.45 Practise piano especially oral" had been replaced with "Play with art paper and do creative things." Mummy says: Thats ok sweetie. You don't have to practise piano twice on the same day on your birthday. In fact, you don't have to practise at all. :)
Well, sweetie pie, mummy and daddy will try our best to make your birthday timetable come true.

As for the boy, his idea of a perfect birthday is to do nothing all day accept play computer games! So I guess that is what he will be doing this weekend. Although his birthday was yesterday, we have not celebrated it yet because he had school and piano class and homework in the afternoon so that leaves little chance to play computer games all day. He requested that we celebrate it during the weekend. Smart boy.

Kids. They're so innocent and sweet.


  1. so properly plan with time ....

  2. Montessorimum,
    Yah, very detailed hor.

    The timing very tight. I am afraid very hard to fulfill. Haha.

  3. i can tell that she's a very organized girl :) i think Ashley's timetable would be watch TV, play and go to the mall :D

  4. mommy to chumsy,
    That is because she is older. Ashley's timetable sounds like my boys accept that he does not want to go out at all. He wants to stay home all day to play computer games.


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