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Friday, January 11, 2013

Doing Kids Homework For Them

I know some parents who do their kids homework for them. Why? Most parents would not do this. Why should they? However, when the child comes home with 7-8 workbooks with 2-3 pages or more or homework in each of them and bedtime is looming, what do you do? Sometimes, you inadvertently, against your better judgement, more than help your child with their homework. You end up supplying them with the answers or doing it for them.

It's only the 2nd week of school and the homework scene has started. My girl is in Std 5 this year and the teacher reminded them that she is now preparing them for UPSR next year. Each day my girl comes home with the said 7-8 workbooks of homework. Each day, we rush her to go to bed, just like last year.

"Come on, hurry up. Put your books away. It's time to go to sleep. Stop your work now." Usually kids have to be told to do work. We tell ours to stop work! It's a crazy situation.

I admit, in the last year, I have done more than help with homework before especially when it comes to things like cutting and pasting. Sometimes the kids are given photostatted work to be cut and paste into their exercise books for doing at a later time. I have cut and pasted the worksheets for my girl so she would have more time to complete her other work especially when she is very rushed.

Knowing this, recently when the English teacher gave the children worksheets to be cut and pasted into their books, she reminded them that they should do it themselves. "Do not let your dad or mum or maid cut and paste it for you. You are to do it yourself." while one boy said "I'll get my father's worker to do it." Are these spoilt kids or overworked kids? Go figure.


  1. I am guilty of helping my girl do her cutting homework part as she is only in std 2 and a left handed so she can't cut well.

    1. ykristen,

      My boy is left handed too. :) I try not to do their cutting for them unless I see that time is too tight and finishing off that cutting work is going to rob them off their sleep. Sleep is more important than homework to me.


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