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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Household Duties For The Kids

Now that the kids are older and the maid has left, we have started to give the kids more responsibilities in the form of household duties.

The boy is Communications Manager or WIFI Officer and that means his job is to switch the WIFI on or off whenever we are leaving the house or just stepping in. He is also the Assistant Security Officer and his job is to turn the alarm on or off when dad is not around to do it. He is also to wipe the piano whenever he sees dust on the cover. He is also the Ribena maker and his job is to make Ribena for everyone during mealtimes. He embraces this duty, naturally.

The girl is Cleanliness Officer. Her job is to put all the rubbish into one bag and bring it downstairs for mum to throw out. She also sweeps the porch with the help of her brother during weekends.

Mum is Pest Control Officer. She takes care of the lizards, cockroaches, termites and other pests in the house.

What about dad? He is simply THE BOSS who tells everyone what to do. That's what mum and the Communications Manager says. Ok, to be fair, he is also the Security Chief in the house and takes care of the alarm system and all that.

The kids love this. They love the important titles and job that comes with it and takes their job quite seriously.

My take is... better take advantage of this small window of opportunity when the kids still love to help and do the housework and teach them to do so before it is too late. At the moment they think housework is fun and they love to help. That is the time to teach the kids to do household duties from young and not later when we have to nag them to do it.


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