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Monday, January 14, 2013

Secondary School Choices Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

My girl is studying in a Chinese Primary School or Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SRJKC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is now in Std 5 in the school. In two years time we are faced with the decision on which school to send her for her secondary education. Well, at least that was what we thought but it would seem that many parents have made up their minds on that way before that.

Many of my girl's classmates know by now which school they will be going to in Secondary school. They are surprised that she still doesn't. A number of them will be continuing their Chinese School education in Secondary school. That option is not for us. Six years is enough, I think. Some have planned to go to the numerous private schools in Kuala Lumpur or the Klang Valley. Some have left to join the private schools in mid primary. They couldn't stand the homework and the environment in the Chinese school.

So what do we do now? We are left with the following secondary choices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  1. Chinese Independant School 
  2. Public Secondary School or Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan
  3. Private Secondary School
  4. International School
  5. Homeschooling
Let's see. We will make the decision by omission. Chinese School is out because its too tough. International School is out because it is too expensive. Private School is also out because it costs a lot of money. We have to save for further education. That leaves Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan. Hmm..... So the question now is which Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan. There are plenty of Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan around. Unfortunately there aren't that many good quality Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan available.

As a result, the better schools are very hard to get into. You need very good results and connections. Sigh. So how? You tell me.

Read my thoughts on Public Schools Vs Private Schools In Malaysia.


  1. Wonderful your work and your blog, congratulations. Kisses from Spain.


  2. Chinese Independent School is part of our consideration (at least for my girl and me) shh..don't tell the father and aunts (haha) , it's tough , with entrance exam and such, but they also offer loads of activities which my girl likes. But meantime I am also mentally preparing her for the ONE and ONLY SMK in our township. Shall her BFF goes there, she may have no problem following. Her BFF is also considering homeschooling but her brother is in the SMK.

    To me it's not a matter how whether is it a good school or not... my consideration factor is CONVENIENCE!

  3. I am like you, always one step behind, am i too slow or are parents these days to Kiasu. A good school is always good to have but i'd prefer an above average school that is close to home and has activities that my girls enjoy.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I will be facing this dilemma soon, although I'd very much like to decide now. Initially I thought the path is quite easy to choose, just go to homeschool in secondary school. Like you, I think 6 years is enough of Chinese school, no offense to full Chinese schoolers, but I don't want my kids to be too "cina" - mentality different leh. Bak to the issue. Homeschools that I know (very few in fact) are mostly located in shoplots, not the ideal environment to learn in due to lack of outdoors. Also, one popular homeschool in usj is computer based, imagine the loneliness and lack of social dynamics.

    Kebangsaan school... Scared of lousy, weird psycho teachers, or bad habits or bad friends. Private schools teach the same syllabus, just pay more for better facilities, amenities, teachers and friends. That's the truth.

    International, cannot afford. Crazy... You can buy a house with cash for the money you spend... And how many kids you have? Multiply that!

    So how? Someone suggested catholic high. Ok ah? The bigger picture is, why have we come to this stage... Because of our fickle minded, corrupted govt. sad to say, and our kids are their victims.

    1. Actually the private schools have a different syllabus as well. I have nephews and nieces in some of the schools. They study a different syllabus. Some of them have to write a letter to state that they intend to send their kids to further their studies overseas to be exempted from the local syllabus which is offered as well. Perhaps this is the reason some parents choose private schools plus the fact that there really isn't much of a choice but for those of us who can't afford it, well then we have no choice but to go for the not much of a choice, choice.

  6. We are Chinese, what's wrong with being 'too Cina'? My parents sent me to a Chinese Independent School in KL as UEC prepared you with all the academic challenges in the future. In addition, Chinese Independent Schools offer good school life and extra activities. I then did my A-Level in a boarding in UK and completed my law degree in a Law school in London. I am now pursuing the Bar Vocational Course in London.

    Do consider to send your kids to Chinese Independent School!

  7. Hi, i studied chinese independence high school (CIHS) and graduated in 2011. At first i did not accepted by a good smk. My parents let me choose other smk or CIHS. I choose CIHS. most ppl thk tht CIHS is tough and not easy to study. Yes, it is, compare to smk. But as long as you willing to put effort on it, is no problem. The teacher are also vr helpful, if student has any difficulty in their study, they will teach their student until they understand. Many ppl will say tht UEC is difficult and it is true. In my junior UEC i got all B for all subj and C for my art, it broke my heart. I still chose to study science stream in my senior and much more harder than junior high. I did face difficulty in my senior 1, it is normal for everyone because senior is totally diff from junior. It take times to get used to senior year. I did sometimes failed in exams, but i did not gave up, i keep on telling myself to try harder. In my UEC, one of the most VIP exam in my life, i got 5As out of 9 subj. Don't give up and work hard are the most important things, not only in secondary school also in future. Beside academic, their curriculum also vr interesting. For my school, it is compulsory to join one club or society. PE is also consider one subj(not the main one). For me, i'm glad my parents let me choose to study CIHS, it was my most precious time in my life. Currently study pharmacy in UK.


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