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Thursday, January 03, 2013

First Day Back To School Rush

The kids went back to school yesterday and its back to business as usual. There is no slowly easing into school. Its like climbing up a steep rock wall. One moment, you are relaxing and having a holiday and the next, you climb over this steep rock wall and you are back to business as usual.

When the kids return from school they bombarded me with stories.

"Mom, I'm sitting with so and so again this year, mom I don't want! At first no one would sit with me but then later teacher changed our places and I have to sit with him again! Yah, mom I have to sit with her again too, mom. Mom, we have replacement classes on this and this day and this and that day will be off for Chinese New Year, mom we started with homework today and teacher said she will be teaching us with great speed and teacher said why didn't you bring your exercise book, you kids think today no school? and mom shall we buy the insurance and we need to pay the fees tomorrow and here are my new books to be wrapped by Monday the latest and you have to fill up the form in this booklet on your pledge on how many hours a day you will sit and study with me and you have to sign here to decide whether what you want the school to do in case something happens to me and can we do our timetable on the computer and print it out and please we must photostat the answers from this workbook for reference because teacher will collect it soon, mom, my BM teacher is so and so, I can't remember his name but he says he is a good teacher and he is the dunno what 3rd place in all the schools and my class teacher asked us to fill up something in my communication book but I forgot to bring it so I wrote it here instead and can you sign here please, and you have to decide what periodicals we want and we need to ask dad for the money today and mom can you help me with my homework, I don't understand this and mom can you help me paste this on my book and..... " Finally mom said  YOU ARE ASKING ME TO PASTE THIS! YOU ARE ASKING ME TO PASTE THIS! GO AND PASTE IT YOURSELF! (Yup bad mommy blew her top)

Then one was sent to do her homework and the other was sent to create his own timetable on the computer for printing out while mom checked the books, filled up forms, signed forms, counted money for fees, washed the school uniforms, prepared meals, marked the calendar for school holidays and school replacement days etc so she won't forget etc etc etc.

Yup! I've landed on the other side of the wall with a big bump! Time to wake up from the holiday. It is officially over. Then there is the daily washing of the school uniforms and ironing but I'm not washing shoes oh nosiree. I told the kids to wear the same shoes for the rest of the week. Smart moms have to learn how to cut corners and close one eye to 4 black shoes, yesiree.


  1. Sounds really hectic...read also pening o!

  2. wah, your kids' school so 'kancheong' about everything! Take a deep breath and sip some coffee or tea! Happy new year!

  3. Yeah, I'm now climbing that steep rock wall. Good luck to me and you! lol. You can really remember every single thing they say to you! Happy new year btw!


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