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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Contests Galore

I love contests! I am mad about them. Or maybe I am just kiasu. Its almost as bad as gambling. (but not quite - self talk) Send in your entry and hope for a chance to win. I justify it by saying at least it gives me a chance to dream. We all need to have dreams in our mundane day to day routines. I get to dream about what I would do about my price money. He he. All the while, the marketers are gleefully keying in all my personal information which I have so freely offered to them.

I have won one or two but usually they are items which are of not much use to me. Like the RM1,000 watch which is not my style and sitting in my drawer somewhere in the house. I tried to sell it to a watch shop but of course they are not interested, then I thought of a pawn shop but did not know any so its still sitting there....... I also won a pretty costume jewellery pearl neckless so at least thats being used. Once I won a voucher for a wedding dinner gown AFTER my wedding.

One day my husband returned from work and when he saw me filling up yet another contest form he commented "Oh I see, now you have become a professional form filler!" Hmmrhp! He was forgiven the next day when he rushed to the post office to send off my form which worked on a first come first serve basis.

I wonder what I will win next....... that nice mpv or the RM5,000 shopping voucher? Wow! Now what shall I buy with my price money???


  1. Hahaha...contest buddy! :D
    I used to join all sort of contest too, not kia-su, because want to save money mah, some of the branded stuff nice to see nice to touch, but not nice to my pocket, the only way get it free--contest!
    I won quite a few things too, most memorable was a 3/2night stay in Cherating Impiana Resort during Valentine.
    But after gave birth, *sigh* never got time for it anymore, every month bought the mag., few flips throw it to a corner, or got tears by my girls liao.
    Good luck to your contest wor!:D

  2. I have one friend from Kedah. Wallau-eh, she won 2 cars, 3 trips to Paris, 2 plasma TVs just to name a few. She entered Roda Impian, Who wants to be a millionaire, every free gifts, contests, subscribe lots of magazines etc etc. I try to copycat but it only last for one month before I gave up. No luck for me at all.


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