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Monday, November 29, 2004

Where are the mothers?

Every Sunday, hubby takes toddler to the park and usually if baby is sleeping I will take the chance to get some extra snooze. Recently we took toddler "swimming" (No she hasn't learned how to swim yet, only walk around the kiddies pool pushing her tortoise and duck around) and she loves it. So when confronted with a "Do you want to go to the park or go swimming?" the answer was a firm "SWIMMING!" (She leaves us in no doubt to her preference for her chance to play with water without being scolded by mummy).

So we took her "swimming" all dressed up like a little balerina in her sweet pink swimsuit. Baby came along too and sat on mummy's lap kicking his legs in the water. In the pool I noticed two other kids accompanied by their fathers. So where are the mothers? Probably busy catching up on sleep or cooking in the kitchen or mopping the floor or looking after baby and missing all the fun!

Mummies are often too caught up with all the "this and that has to be done" they forget to enjoy themselves (yours truly included). I would often worry about, baby getting too much sun, the washing that needs be done afterwards, baby needs to be fed porridge after the swim, I have to cook etc etc the list is very long. Oh yes, I also worried about not being able to get into my swim suit and the bulges everywhere but then I remembered my fellow blogger(5XMom)'s blog about the mummy who had only one leg enjoying herself. Shame on me!

So many times, I miss out on the fun at the park because of my worry about feeling rushed after returning because there is so much to do. Of course after the short "swim" there were loads to be done and the two of them had to be bathed and fed etc but the joy of playing with them in the pool and watching their happy faces cannot be replaced.

I must remember to enjoy myself more often and just do the chores afterwards matter of factly without worry or strive.


  1. yeah, I used to be like that, worry the after cleaning etc., now I still got a lot to do after came back from swim or park or shopping, but while I cleaning up I'll keep thinking about the earlier fun part, kind of replay the movie, so after I "review" the whole movie, the cleaning also done.

  2. This story reminds me of two sisters in the Bible. One of them followed Jesus everywhere, sitting around him on the floor, listening to all Jesus said. The other, was busy in the kitchen preparing banquet for Jesus and as usual lar, like most housewives (chey...not like us lar) are stressed out. So, she told Jesus to 'see lar, this sister of mine whole day sitting at your feet, doing nothing while I so busy in the kitchen, never bother to help me. Then, Jesus said something (sorry wor, cannot remember what at the moment) about focusing on the more important thing. When I found the paragraph in the Bible, I will tell you what the Lord said. Yeah, housework is not important!


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