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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Just another day in the life of a SAHM

3.00 am Wakes up to baby screaming for feed. Baby wets his clothes and cot.
Quickly change baby’s clothes and cot sheets then breastfeed baby.
6.00 am Repeat of scene at 3 am. Only this time, did not change baby clothes
or cot sheets. Just used tissue to soak up wet parts of baby’s clothing
while breastfeeding half asleep. (Its only a small spot after all!!!!)
7.30am Woken up by toddler’s “Mummy! Read book.” “Mummy! Go outside”.
Grabs some books on the bedside table and hands over to toddler
“Here, read yourself, mummy is sleeping” and roles over for another
five minutes of zzzzzz.
8.00 am Cooks baby’s porridge, feed toddler breakfast and throws some clothes
in the washer whilst having a cup of hot Milo and stuffing some bread
into mouth all at the same time.
9.00 am Baby screaming for mummy. Tries to breastfeed baby but baby prefers
to look at toddler. So feed baby cereals and expressed some breastmilk
for next day’s cereal.
10.00am Blend baby’s porridge and hang up clothes.
11.00am Entertain toddler with some building blocks while checking email.
11.30am Baby crying for pacifier (Me!) and a nap.
12.30pm Feed baby his porridge.
1.00 pm Feeds toddler mashed potato (prepared the day before).
1.30 pm Eat lunch (“Chap fun” “ta pau” the night before) while doing the dishes.
2.00 pm Bathe toddler (Baby crying in the background)
2.30 pm Toddler’s tea time
3.00 pm Tries to get baby and toddler to sleep at the same time.
4.00 pm Aah. Everyone asleep at last
4.30 pm Baby wakes up crying.
5.00 pm Toddler wakes up crying.
6.00 pm Hubby home with “ta pau” “chap fun” for next day. Feed baby porridge
7.00 pm Serve hubby his own “ta pau” “chap fun”. Tries to have dinner while
feeding toddler dinner.
8.00 pm Play “Draw and Colour” with toddler
8.30 pm Sponge bath for baby
9.00 pm Feeds toddler milk and get toddler ready for bed.
9.30 pm Breastfeeds baby while reading to toddler.
11.00 pm Toddler falls asleep at last.
11.30 pm Baby fell asleep at 9.45pm but woke up crying for the 3rd time.
11.45 pm Ah…..time for myself. Hot Milo and typing this. Hubby tired and fallen
asleep in front of the tv. Hubby has to be up at 6am so won’t wake him.

Oh forgot to mention, had to change numerous diapers during the day (plus Aunt Flo visited today, so now there’s even more “diapers” to change) and pack away the stacks of rubbish that created. Ok ok, not everyday like this. Some days much more organised and even have time to brush teeth and have proper bath!!! At the moment not cooking because cannot cope. When baby is older will go back to cooking again. Don’t like to eat “ta pau” food and catered food too often but no choice.

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  1. Come on MG, lets kick those who say SAHM-goyang-kaki fellow's butt together.


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