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Monday, November 29, 2004

La la la la la.......

I love to sing. (the bathroom variety kind). In school I was part of the school choir and was very proud to be only one of three girls who were juniour ie in the form 1-3 category who were allowed to sing in the senior choir together with the older girls in the form4-5 category for competitions. Headmistress who headed the school choir herself was very strict and fierce and once made us all look for mirrors (halfway through a song) to hold in front of our faces to make sure we were smiling and looked like we were happy to sing. One big event was going to KL to sing (I was studying in Kuantan at the time) for a competition.

Once upon a time, when I was single and had a lot of time, I even took singing lessons at the
Singing Shop together with my girlfriend. It was very much like going for weekly expensive karaoke sessions but it was a lot of fun to have a tape recording of your own singing to laugh at afterwards. We were taught how to breathe and pronounce the words so that we would sound more melodius. Eventually we sat for a singing test.

My singing instructor, a Filipino with a beautiful voice chose a rather difficult broadway number for me called
"On My Own". Yah, it was a difficult number and I felt all "on my own" during the test singing in front of several instructors and students. In my mind, I did not look like I was enjoying singing at all. I looked like I was being tortured being made to stand there quivering in my small voice. Ha ha. Its a wonder I passed. Anyway, my girlfriend and I dropped out before we got to the stage where we had to perform in front of a real audience. Its a pity as I often wondered how I would do trying to overcome my fright singing on stage in front of a big audience.

These days, I have my very own audience at home. They love my singing. My singing makes baby smile and smile and sometimes fall asleep and it never fails to make my toddler sing along. I can sing and dance with my babies and they love it and so do I. The more expressive I become, the more they love it. I must have passed on my love of singing to toddler as she is always singing at the top of her voice. My favourite is toddler's rendition of Barney's "I love you".

Lyrics from Barney's version

I love you, you love me, we're a happy family,
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you,
Won't you say you love ... me.... too.....

Lyrics from Toddler's version

Mummy Ma, Myy Mummy, Mummy mummy, myy mummy,
Mummy ma mmy, ma myy, myy ma mmy, mummy,
Mummy, mummy, myy.... maa........mmy....

She would apply her own lyrics like this or sometimes replace it with 'daddy' or 'baby' etc to any other music that she knew well. Cute!


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