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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Correcting Your Child's Pencil Hold

Both my children do not hold their pencils correctly. My girl holds hers with the thumb crossing over to the other side near to her index finger. I am having a hard time correcting her pencil grip because I did not bother to teach or rather I did not even think of teaching her the correct way from the start thinking it will come naturally.

My boy is just starting to write now and he also holds his pencils in the wrong manner. He sort of holds it with four fingers leaving only the little finger free. Furthermore he is left-handed whereas I am right-handed. When I tried to show him the correct way, he told me "That is my favourite. You have your favourite. That is my favourite." *rolls eyes* pretty strong headed and opinionated for a 3 year old. In other words, he's a stubborn little 3 year old.

Anyway, I tried to search the internet for some pictures or articles so I could teach them the right way to hold a pencil but I couldn't find anything accept for this one: How to Hold a Pencil from Draw Your World - Correct Pencil Grip.

Then I visited Mommy-fied's blog and saw the link which she found and posted ie the tip on Teaching A Child To Hold A Pencil. I'm definitely going to try it and see if it works. Thank you mommy-fied for sharing. Thats what I love about blogging.

To other parents. Does your child hold his/her pencil correctly from the start? Did you have to show them or did it come naturally? I am worried that it will be hard to correct now they have gotten off on the wrong start.


  1. I am glad I able to correct both my girls' pattern since early stage. Now they can hold properly while writing or drawing.

    Sometimes this can be correct but I saw some of my friends' kids still hold incorrectly though their parent had taught them. It depends i think.

    Give your kids more time, I think they able to correct their way.

  2. dear...Annabelle is not alone. she has been holding the pencil wrong way since start kindy, the teacher even gave use a pencil grip to help her correct her way of holding pencil. But fail, so until now she still hold the pencil with her finger tips, but since she write nicer than we force her to use the 'correct' way, so we just put down the issue at this moment.
    hahaha...seriously, we really don't know what to do, included her teacher, who has so many years of experience teacher children.

  3. jayden hold pen correctly but he write with left hand. and my parents are against it. any idea why chinese prefer kids to write with right hand?

    1. haha im chinese so i think i am perfect to tell u that the reason is because...well his parents are right handed! all chinese ppl r right handed and they can only teach their kids if they r right handed too. plus, characters r a lot easier right ahnded

  4. Hey mumsgather, tks for the link and acknowledgement.

  5. Thanks for the link.

    I did not teach my sons how to hold pencil. The older one seems to "correct" himself as he goes along while the younger one, when given a pencil, he immediately held it the correct way.

  6. jesslyn,
    You're lucky!

    Ya lor, they write nicer using their wrong holds.

    I have no idea but I'm not worried lah. My husband and son are both left handed. The only problem I have with that is when we go and makan and I sit on the wrong side of him then my chopsticks will clash with his. Hahaha.

    You're most welcome and your post is most timely as I mentioned to you. :)

    Wow, thats nice. Maybe they all start wrong and will correct themselves along the way..... at least thats what I hope!

  7. I'm lucky. Nikita was able to hold the crayons the correct way since she started using them so we don't have such problem.:)

  8. crazymommy,
    Hey maybe its better to start with crayons rather than pencils since they're thicker. Maybe I'll try it with my boy.

  9. My child started out holding her pencils wrong when she was first learning to write, holding it much like how your son does. As she's gotten older she has changed the way she holds it until she has it almost the right way now.

  10. My 5-year old is about to start kindergarten and the teacher requested triangular pencils. My daughter has long held a pencil/crayon very well, but she -- like I -- holds with four fingers (so the triangular pencils are uncomfortable). I remember as a kid trying to reteach myself how to write with three fingers and it never felt right to me. I didn't show my daughter how to hold with four fingers, I assume it just came naturally to her. I made it through school, college and grad school just fine. My writing callous is on the front of my fourth finger (rather than the side of the third), but, other than that, there are no major differences caused by the 4-finger grip.

  11. The Yusupovs,
    Hi. I think you are right in that at the end of the day, what feels most comfortable to the child is ok as long as they can write nicely. :)

  12. I'm finding out too late that it really is important to correct this at an early age. My 13 year old has always had his own special way of holding pencils and pens - it looks painful to us but his writing is beautiful. Unfortunately it is SLOW, and now he is missing out on important info in class because he is so slow writing down what the teacher says. Re-teaching him at this point is really going to be a challenge. But it is affecting his grades. :(

  13. My Child is in 5K and I was just told by his teacher to correct the way he writes. I remember being told the same thing int he same grade in the same school. To this day I still write the way I did back then, my hand writing is slow but thats because I think about everything intensely. I don't want to tell him what to do if what he does is comfortable. Besides I grew up to be and artist, I can't draw with the tripod method of holding pencils. I don't see what the big deal is.


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