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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lights Shoe

The kids love their light shoes. You know the kind which lights up at the soles and the sides when they walk. It really fascinates them. Unfortunately the lights usually don't last very long. Yesterday we got both of them a pair each.

Later on, I was in another part of the house doing some work. When I came back to the room, I was surprised to see the room in darkness. Their daddy had switched off all the lights, made them wear their new lights shoe and they were dancing and prancing around the room in them. Hahaha!

It was really funny and the kids loved this "activity". I would recommend it to anyone buying lights shoe for the first time. But you can only do this "activity" once. After the shoe is worn outdoors, you wouldn't want them dancing and prancing around in them indoors. Lol!


  1. oo kids love those shoes hehe

  2. Yes, they love to stamp their feet to test the lights. :)

  3. Hehe...I've never try with the shoes yet but my son loves the glow in the dark moon, stars, biutterflies, etc which I've sticked it to the wall in the room

  4. haha...so much fun :D i bet ashley would love it if we get her one next time.

  5. Sabrina,
    The glow in the dark stickers sounds nice but I scared my wall rosak. hehe.

    mommy to chumsy,
    Yes, she will love it and its definitely better than those squeaky ones. Lol!


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