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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm Raising Impatient Kids

"Mummy, sometimes we don't brush our teeth in the morning because we are always in a rush."

Thats what my girl told me recently after she read some moral book about brushing teeth in the morning and before sleep. She's right of course. Sometimes I let the kids brush their teeth while I shower them just to save that extra bit of time and yes, we ARE always in a rush.

"Hurry up and wear your shoes, we're late."

"Can you eat your food faster please!"

"Why are you taking so looonnng to brush your teeth?"

"Can we do this another time, we have other things to do now."

We're always rushing or else we'd be late or can't get a parking etc. The kids know the drill by now. "Hurry up or else.... there'll be no parking at the mall." for example. Even the little one knows this by now.

In addition to all that rushing, I'm terribly impatient. Sometimes I don't even wait for them to finish their sentences when they start talking and boy do they love to talk and ask and talk and ask. I've really got to make myself stop to listen to them better, I mean literally stop in the tracks.

So, how do you raise patient kids? The answer is obvious isn't it? Take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and change BUT... thats easier said than done of course, just like everything else about PARENTING. Lol!


  1. I think children learn from us - they see us rushing around and they think its the norm.

    Have you got to the stage when they ask you every few minutes in the car, how long more before we get to a destination? and when we are there, they will ask, when are we going home...!

  2. hehehe, the statement sounds so familiar!

  3. now I can see mirror on my Qiqi :(

  4. kak teh,
    Yes, I've reached the "can't wait to get there, can't wait to go home" stage. Lol!

    contented mum,
    I'm sure you can think of more statements like these.

    mummy to qiqi,
    I see two mirrors of me in my house. Two little ones who shout and point their index finger at me in return. *pengsan*

  5. yeah MG u're right. The kids are following us thats why I'm slowly changing but that's so difficult!

  6. sasha,
    Yes, we start our changes the moment they are conceived. :)

  7. a&a'smom6:37 PM, August 20, 2007

    Hehehe, MG, both of us have a few things in commonlah! My most used word with the boys r 'hurry up'!

  8. oppsss..sounds like me...aiyo..

  9. a&a's mom,
    Shakes hand with you shamefully. Hehe.

    I'm sure you can think of more sentences like this. ;)


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