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Friday, August 17, 2007

Washing Car - The Best Outdoor Activity for Kids

One of the best outdoor activities which my kids enjoy is helping to wash the car and the porch. Its the only time they get to play with soap and water without being scolded. Lol!

When its time for a wash, we give the kids a pail of soap each and a sponge or cloth and told them that now they are workers. They were extremely happy to take on the job. And they did it with such zest singing along as they did their "work".

The best time to do this activity is just before their baths and remember to dress them up in old clothes because they'll get all wet (which they love!). After that, they'll be so hungry too and gobble up whatever food you give to them. Hahaha.

They just love soaping up the car and spraying water all over it afterwards and later on they are proud to sit in their "sparkling" or "shiny" new car (as my girl calls it).

Its a really fun activity for the whole family. Its cheap too and the end result is a shiny new car. No need to pay the car wash or anyone else to do it. Lol!


  1. great way of fun exercise too...

  2. chanel,
    Yes, much better than watching tv or videos.

  3. Just like my son, he like to help my sis in law to wash her car. He like to play water so much.

  4. 1+2mom,
    Thats the only time they can play all they want so they love it.


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