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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kid Activities

Almost anything is an adventurous activity for the kids. You don't have to crack your head very hard on what to do with them or how to entertain them. They just want company, someone to laugh at their jokes and someone to listen to them. (Hey! That sounds like an adult too. We all want some company, someone to laugh at our jokes and someone to listen to us! Now somebody please laugh! Hahaha.)

Anyway, baby (I still call him baby even though he's 3 now!) lost some books down the back of the bed and he was very sad. I decided to move the beds so I could sweep in those long forgotten places.

The kids were very excited when I moved the beds apart and pushed one next to the window. "We've never seen it like that!" the girl declared. They were happy to sit on the bed while I pushed. Its like a big car. I pushed the bed head away from the wall and started pulling the sheets there and sweeping there. In the process, we found one car, two books and a bubble rubber ducky. The kids were happy to find these long lost toys. We always find lots of toys under the bed. Usually cars, as they get "driven" under there. Books too and sometimes tissues.

After that they proceeded to jump on the bed AFTER I had made it. They jumped on it with their little dusty feet. (Lots of dust were uncovered from under the bed and they stepped on them as they ran from bed to bed.)

A lot more work for mummy and some shouting "Don't jump on the bed." "Oh No! Your feet are so dirty! Go and wipe them on the mat first." "I just made the bed!" Yes, definitely lots more work but at least they had fun and they thought it was a really fun activity! Lol!


  1. I'm just like you... as long as she is having a good time, jumping on the bed is fine with me! :P

  2. jeriel will have his crazy time messing up then he will clean up with our help..stay in apt no extra room for him to mess up..so must clean up lor..


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