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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How an impatient mother sounds like to an observer

Yesterday while I was at the bakery, I heard a mother barking to her little boy and girl impatiently.

"Your birthday is 3 more days! Come on! ...... bark bark bark bark."

All the while the little girl and boy pestered her about the cake they wanted. "Mummy I want this, Mummy I want that." She brushed them off impatiently wanting only to hurry up and get the task of buying what she came there to buy and leaving.

She sounds just like me! To an observer or outsider, they may shake their heads at this mother and think ......Oh come on. Its just a small thing. The child just wants a little bit of your attention. Why can't you smile, speak nicely to her and say. "Its not your birthday yet dear, we'll come back another day ok?"

Yes thats true but only a mother who goes through all that daily pestering can emphatize with what she is going through and see it from her point of view. Having said that though, she still sounds terrible to me. My goodness! That must be how I sound like to Mr MG everyday!!!! Hahahaha.

No wonder he's always telling me. "Why don't you just relax and take it easy with the kids." Now that would tempt me to say "Then why don't you see if you can stay 24 hours with them and still relax and take it easy." And that would tempt him to say "Then why don't we switch places. You go to work and I stay at home." Then we would have World War Three at home. Lol!

MG's mantra today: I shall not speak impatiently to the kids. I shall not speak impatiently to the kids.


  1. I really understand how you feel and think. I tell myself, I must work and can not take care jj 24 hours.. I will go crazy

  2. Hahaha..lol. Ditto! Esp on my bad days.

  3. it is not you alone...all of us face the same thing...sometimes good, sometimes bad

  4. irenelim,
    Hahaha. Thats smart. Otherwise you go crazy!

    *shake hands*

    Mostly bad. :P *feel guilty*

  5. PB understands what i have to put up with .. as he takes care of the brat 50/50 .. ;) so i won't run into "take it easy" from him.. hahah!!

  6. well u are not alone...at times it's really difficult to speak to them nicely cause they don't seem to get u until u scream at them LOL..but I'd rather leave the screamnig at home, not in public

  7. mamabok,
    You lucky lady you!

    I'm afraid I'm not as controlled as you so I do scream in public too. :P

  8. a&a'smom10:04 PM, July 26, 2007

    Sigh, guilty for the same thing!

  9. MG...tagged u :)


  10. omg...was that me u saw?? hahahaha

  11. a&a'smom,
    Guilty again? Lol!

    Will check it out even though I'm behind in tags.

    Were you wearing white? Hahaha.

  12. haha..same thing happend in my family too. We know to say people but wont look at ourself first..haha.


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