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Thursday, August 23, 2007

School Holiday Fun

Second sister organised a lunch get together for all the wives and kids on school holidays. We had so much fun.

The older kids got together to play their computer games, the younger ones ran around playing and snatching toys and everyone ate and ate.

And what did all the ladies do? We ate and chat and ate and chat. The kids enjoyed it and so did the adults. It was a nice change for the kids to run around with their cousins and it was a nice change for me not to give them my attention all the time as they promptly forgot about me as soon as we arrived. Lol!

And bad mommy also used the gathering as a leverage for the first few days of the week. "If you still want to go to aunty's house you better behave!" Hehe.

My thoughts during the school holiday gathering are in a related post - Cherish the.... NOW!


  1. Always nice.. to have fun with the cousins.. :) and good to eat and chat.. :)

  2. mama bok,
    Definitely good to chat but to eat when one is growing sideways ..... Hehe.


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