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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Which school to choose

School No 1 (School in which we got placed)

  • Famed Chinese School
  • Brand New
  • Many Facilities (almost like private school I'd say)
  • Horrible Traffic
  • Far from home

School No 2

  • Moderate Chinese School (Not so famous but established)
  • Facilities ok too
  • Near home

School No 3

  • Kebangsaan School (Established as well)
  • Facilities not as good as School No.2 but not bad at all
  • Moderately near home
  • Impressed by what the head has done for the school
  • Its one of the few schools which conducts a 5 period Chinese class ie 30 minutes each day. There is an in-house Chinese teacher for this purpose, lessons are incorporated into the daily time table with school tests conducted each year

Which school would you choose? We have ruled out School 1 which we have been placed by the Ministry so we will need to make an appeal. We can't decide whether to appeal to School 2 or School 3.

BTW, when appealing, if we state transportation as a reason, we're not sure whether we would be successful in the appeal. Its crazy anyway, they should have considered that in the first place and placed us in the school nearest to our home instead of one that is far.

We've met up with both heads of schools 2 and 3. Was impressed by what the head of the kebangsaan school has done for the school, his visions and missions but am worried that if the head leaves, the school will slide. In this case the captain of the ship really is very important. The ship may sink with a bad captain.

I have visited another kebangsaan school near my house before and that one gave me a scare. The facilities were poor, during recess there was not enought seats for the pupils and some of them ran and sat on the canteen floor after buying their food etc. Now if I had to choose between a Chinese school and that lepak looking kebangsaan school, it'll be easier to make a decision.

However, this other kebangsaan school that I visited which is a bit further from my home is not bad at all. It is clean and well kept and it leaves me with a good impression and feeling overall. So the choice is harder now.

Oh, btw, does anyone know whether remove class is still compulsory for Chinese and Tamil school students or has remove class been abolished?


  1. If you want your kid could speak Chinese fluently, choose the Chinese school. On the other hand the facility is a little bit more ok then Kebangsaan School.
    but if you like your kid has good socialization experience and 'skill' to interact to many kind of people, then choose the kebangsaan cause I think it's more like to be a 'melting pot' there.
    It has never been easy to choose school..
    Btw, I don't understand about the 'remove class' issue, what is it about?

  2. I was told that there is no more remove class unless the child fails his/her BM in UPSR.

    Decisions decisions, difficult huh. I guess the question would be if you want a chinese or kebangsaan medium school?

    Next year this time, it would be my turn to make decision. Ahhh!

  3. henny,
    The facilities in our Chinese Schools are better than those at Kebangsaan school because its partly funded by donations from parents. As for the Remove Class, previously those kids from venacular schools were required to take an additional school year in a Remove Class before they enter Secondary school. They were only excempted if they had straight As. These days they will be exempted if they score at least a C for Bahasa Malaysia paper.

    Yes, I simply can't make up my mind. It'll be a pity to give up the opportunity to learn Chinese but the school culture is so different and I'd not be able to help her at home. Have to leave it to tuition teachers. Sigh.

  4. i wld go for school No 1 but knowing hubby, he wld go for nearer school. so school no 2 will be our choice.. and if u really want ur kids to be in chinese school, then u can skip school no 3 lor. so it depends on what u and hubby want for the kids.
    btw, where do u live ah? what schools are those 3? can email or not unless u live extremely far away from me. am considering other school for my son, just in case..

  5. wen,
    I couldn't find your email. Why not email me where you live and I'll let you know if those schools are near enough and worthwhile considering for you. :)

  6. Hi MG, I'm facing similar prob with you now. I got a Chinese school that is really far away and now am wondering if I shd really send my daughter to Chinese school and cope with the tutoring prob, afternoon session school which I don't like... Asking for transfer means checking out new schools and re-applying and only getting the result in November...

  7. anna,
    I didn't know the results of the appeal come out only in Nov. That makes it really difficult for one to plan. :(

  8. The school where I collected the appeal form from told me that after we submit the form (by 28th), they will give us an acknowledgement slip and that's where it's stated that we'll know by Nov...yup, it's kinda by the skin of our teeth to prepare. I found a private school that's very affordable if you're interested. They follow kebangsaan syllabus but more time given to English/Mandarin and class size is smaller, unlike Chinese schools with 50 kids per class.

  9. I would choose school no 2.... i think since you are a SAHM, you would naturally be inculcating social skills in your children. I feel the best way to learn chinese naturlaly is in chinese school. I also found out that if your child cannot keep up in chinese school after the first 3 years, you can ask for a transfer in the 4th year to a kebangsaan school. sending to a famed chinese school for a nonspeaking chinese mum is a big no no... can be very demoralising. i was in chinese kindy for 2 years - learnt quite a bit there but at the very last minute, my parents chickened out and sent me to a kebansaan school as they can't speak chinese too and was worried that they cant help me etc. So i took up chinese class in kebangsaan sch once a week with home tuition too.... did not work cos noone spoke to me at home or any where...whatever mandarin i know now is still from what i remember subcons fr kindy...
    fr mei shi

  10. anna,
    We're thinking of holding off private school till secondary school, that is if we can afford it then.

    Mei Shi,
    I spoke to the head of the first school and he told us that 60% of the parents from his school do not speak Chinese. That is the culture, he says. So, now I am tempted to NOT appeal as my girl won't be so left out in such an environment, otherwise she may not be able to click so well with her friends. Even now in kindy most of her friends who speak Chinese cannot mix with her that well. I am tempted to send her to Kebangsaan school as it will be easier on us but question myself on whether we are giving up an opportunity to learn the beautiful Chinese language. I am still very much ding dong in my "decision" as you can see. Haha.

  11. i choose number 1. sometimes "famous" school got some advantages....

    although far.......

    when i was in std 1, we stayed in shah alam, and travel to central KL (jalan syed putra) every day at 6.15am. crazy or not??!!

  12. I would choose no. 2. since it has better facilities. Not because it is a chinese school, but because it has better facilities.

    I am from half way chinese school, don't see what is so good about it except for tons of mindless homework, most of which I have forgotten, except reading hawker stall signs, cos most of my friends don't speak Chinese and I had found it easier to read an English story book than a Chinese one and lost the command of language along the line.


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