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Friday, February 27, 2009

Little Notes

My girl likes to write little notes to me in school so I gave her a notebook for that purpose. I guess its her way to make herself feel better when she feels homesick or misses home. I told her that she can also write down things that she wants to remember in there.... just like daddy. Daddy also has a little notebook where he writes down things he wants to remember... including those he wants to remember to tell me.

I love to read her notebook. So far she has written things like....

"Mummy, Daddy, today the naughty boy use the ruler to hit the girl's face."

"Mummy, Daddy, every Tuesday got Ejaan, Every Wednesday got "Ting Seah" and every Friday got Spelling."

"Mummy, just now Mr. T said that "Where's your English book?""

"Mummy, Daddy, today I got 100% in Ting Seah. Yeah!" (And she drew a big heart at the bottom and gave herself some stars. :) )

"Mummy, Daddy, today teacher say I must bring 5cm more of newspaper."

And lots more. She uses them to record everyday things of significance to her that she wants to remember to tell me and shows it to me when she gets back from school.

Yesterday, I sneaked a "I Love You" message decorated with hearts, flowers and stars just the way she likes it, into her notebook. She was happy with that surprise. Hehe.

When I asked her "What is the second best thing you like about school today?" (Since the best thing she likes about school is "Going Home" I had to ask what is the next best thing) Her answer is "Writing message to mummy." She has always loved to draw and write so I think this is another good way for her to communicate to me as well.

One day, I saw that she had drawn pictures into her notebook. In one picture, she drew her school and colored it. In another, she drew a field with some birds, clouds and the sun and colored those as well. The pictures look cheery (I hope that means that she feels better about school now). I praised her pictures and asked her how come she has so much time to draw those.

She says that the English teacher had come in and did not do anything. Just asked "those who never finish homework can do now" (From what I've heard so far, everytime the English teacher who also teaches Science in English is missing from the class or doesn't do anything in class. Hmmm...... Its almost going to be the end of term soon and he hasn't taught much of anything at all. Just Greetings like "Good Morning." "Good Afternoon". "Hello" etc. Hmmmm... I digress).

I asked her what the other kids did and she said some of them read books, some talked etc. So I suggested to her that the next time she has free time like that in school, she can start doing some of her homework so that when she gets back she will have more time to do the things that she likes, like play computer game for example (bad mommy).

The next day, she came home and proudly showed me her completed homework. She said she had done them in between lessons when teacher walked in and out of the classes etc. Then she added...."Mummy, I didn't pay attention to Math lesson." When I asked her why she replied "Because I was doing my homework." *Slaps Forehead* lol. I had to remind her that homework is only to be done "in between" lessons not "during" lessons. I had learned from other seasoned parents that this is how they got their kids to lessen their homework burden at home.


  1. hahaha.....tell them one thing, they take it literally and then have to mold around the one thing to become many IFs...

    And we wonder why adults are confused creatures!

    But she is such a good girl. And what a good way for her to express herself! Good idea mummy!

  2. haha...yes, we often forgot to speak to them "clearly". I mean clearly to them not for us. About the little note, it's a good idea for her. Smart mom (blink blink).MG, had your little ones ever told a lie to you, how could you handle that if he did for the first time. I forgot (LOL), because it's a long long time ago. Since his sis and brother are now teens, i just feel I did it all over again like the first time. I wrote this in my blog.

  3. Ann,
    My girl always takes ppl's words very literally. She is very straight. :) When explaining things to her have to explain again and again too as she'll have 1001 questions!

  4. henny,
    So far, they always fess up guiltily. I'll hop over to read right now. :)

  5. hey stranger! long time no see!

    ur girl is just like my 15 yr old when she was ur daughter's age. she loved to write me love notes and whatever notes.shes so big now, i kinda miss it!

    now i am waiting for my 2 yr old to be writing to me those notes!

    btw, i just started a 'trial run' blog shop...so come and browse when u have the time...taa!


  6. the notebook idea is fantastic. I guess it is therapeutic too for your daughter. Not only that...i guess something nice to keep for her next time as she looks back her early years of schooling. Great idea.

  7. its a good idea. wld do that when i boy can really write! its a good way to communicate too!

  8. Ely,
    Hey there Ely, I just hopped over. That is a great indulgence that you have there. :) All the best. BTW, any plans to indulge in anything else in addition to handbags later on?

    Yes, I should try to keep it for her. It'll amuse her to read it later one. :)

    And you'll love reading it. Kids, they express themselves so freely. Its wonderful to see them write and draw.

  9. She reminds me of someone I know very very well...jotting down important stuff, as self reminders...he he...who else, but ME? ha ha!

  10. Oliveoylz,
    Its a good habit to jot down. :)

  11. its like a lil diary where u guys can read. cool, a good way to let her express what she feel.

  12. Wow, That's such a cool idea to keep a notebook for your child to remember and tell Mummy. I really loved it.

  13. sasha,
    Yes, I'm going to keep this "diary"

    Well, it wasn't an idea to begin with. My girl asked me for a paper and she started writing notes to me so I gave her a notebook and it wasn't even a sweet girly girl notebook that she might like, it was something we got for free a while back but it turned out really great for both of us. :)

  14. love those notes. my girl too love to write stuff to me and cut papers and pass to me.


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