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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Save the Best for Last

The kids have this funny quirk. Whenever they are given any food or drinks, they always try to save the best for last.

For example, if there is chicken nuggets in the food, they won't touch the nuggets till the last bite. If there is hot dog in the fried rice, they may even put aside all the hot dog, to eat it last of all, free of the rice and whatever "yucky" vegetables in the rice. Oh, No, their hot dog must not be "contaminated" by the vegetables must it? Nosiree.

So, its rather easy for me to get them to drink water for example. All I have to do is place a bottle of vitagen beside the water glass and the water gets downed in double time. So that they can drink the vitagen or yoghurt drink last of all.

Save the Best for Last. That is certainly their motto.


  1. hahaha...that is nice! I used to do this too when I was a kid....but well...the water and vitagen thing seems something I would have negotitated my way out!

    Good that your kids take it to the max!

  2. i have never ever done that because eating rice alone will be too plain! but it's true that some of my friends(adults) are doing it!

  3. Not true. I eat the hotdog and ribena first

  4. ya,this post really reminds me of my sons,especially the youngest one, i think they are just cute..

    you know children are the best and i really mean the best gift ever given to any parent, and it always hurts me when i see how chidlren are abused.

    family first no matter what

  5. Ann,
    Oh, they would negotiate too at times.

    They would normally eat the rice with other dishes that are not their favourite first and leave the best to enjoy last of all.

    Thats smart. Then you won't be too full to eat them afterwards. I hope you get better soon yah.

    I totally agree with you. Children are the best gift. :)

  6. My son is the reverse. He eats all the yummy parts first and eats his rice last! That's just him! They do that in Wuhan (CHN) too! He belongs there, LOL!

  7. hahaha....just like my girl although she's now 14. Even when the food was really delicious, she doesn't want to eat or drink for a while after the last bite! "I want this taste last longer", she said. LOL!

  8. Your kids are very disciplined. My kids? They will whack their favorites first then only those that they dislike. Sometimes, they will not eat those that they dislike, esp my #2 and I have to threaten her to eat/drink them :(

  9. Oliveoylz,
    Its a smart thing to do wut, eating the best bits first.

    Sometimes mine even request to keep the nuggets from lunchtime to tea time. Thats the extent they go to save the best for last!

    Health Freak Mommy,
    My number 1 will only eat food if I feed her! We have all sorts of meal related problems yah.

  10. My boys r the same!

  11. a&a's mom,
    I prefer to eat the good stuff first. Heheh!


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