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Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to School Shopping

This is a belated post about our back to school preparation. I read in the papers that back to school shopping was very complicated and expensive.

My back to school shopping was very simple. We bought two pairs of school shoes for the girl because the velcro straps had worn out. Actually the shoes are still new and in a good size. :(

With that, our back to school shopping was complete. School Uniforms still fit. School bags and pencil cases and tumblers are still in good working order so there was no need to replace them. That's it. Finito.

I keep one or two boxes of pencils and about half a dozen or erasers at home all the time so I did not have to buy any extras. I took out two new pencils and an eraser each, labeled them and gave them to the kids, then we sat down and sharpened all their coloured pencils together and they were ready to go back to school. They each have a coloured pencil box for school use and we have a nicer one at home for them to share. When a certain colour from the school box runs out, they may replace that colour from the home one.

I wish that they sold coloured pencils separately so that we may pick and choose colours. The kids always seem to run out of light blue.... from colouring skies and the seas, I presume.

They boy lost his new pencils in two days! Grrrr.... His sister's long new pencils, were halved in a week. So I gave her another long one but the boy did not get one. I took some shorter ones from home to replace his lost ones.

Last year, he kept on coming home with pencils that were not his. This year, he came home without pencils! He sulked when his sister got a new one but not him but I told him that he shall not get anymore new pencils until he learned how to take care of his pencils. The next day he came home with several pencils, some of which were not his! Really pengsan.


  1. Me too, my back to school shopping was simple. Just bought a pair of new shoe for my girl. That's all. But we bought an expensive adidas white shoe instead of Bata , coz that's what the podiatric said. :(

  2. Hi Mg..
    happy new year to you, hehe...a little bit late actually, sorry!
    I love back to school shopping to bookstore, enjoying the colorful parade of pencils and stationery there. But still only buy things 'for replacing the broken ones'.
    My kids often say "I prefer shopping stationery with grandma than Mama" :D

  3. Elaine,
    As long as they last, then it will still be worth it.

    Hi! Happy New Year to you too. I don't buy those colourful stationary sets most of the time because some of them are of poor quality. Just nice to look at. :)

  4. Haha... Good thing we don't really need to prepare school supply because the school provides the stationery. So, that save me a lot of trouble. ;)

  5. crazymommy,
    Yes, fortunately we have art supplies otherwise we'd have to go running for cotton, crepe paper etc too for art classes. Hehe.


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